Forever and Always

Mia and Niall never used to be so close. But then one day, Niall builds up the courage to ask her out. Will Mia say yes or will she turn Niall down?


7. oh no!!

Nialls pov

Oh no it's true she doesn't remember me oh my god what will happen with us Harry walked in "she'll remember I promise" he said sympathy and sorrow filling his eyes "I know but what if…" right there he cut me off " no stop Niall you think it doesn't hurt me wow you really only think well about you how u think she's feeling " with that my heart broke and then....

Harry's pov

I told what I thought he needed to hear bit then ' beep beep beep beeeeeeeeppp' with that u quickly saw doctors and nurses running to Mia's room "oh crap" I said then started feeling the tears then I looked up to see Niall already crying then the others started running towards u and my parents to Mia's room

Liam's pov

We heard a beep notice coming down the hall and thought it was nothing till we seen both Harry and Niall balling there eyes out then we all ran and his parents went in to see what happen they came out with tears and fear in there eyes "what's wrong , what happend " Louis and Zayn said almost exactly the same " she died but ten they shocked her and she came back but she only has 36% of living " her dad said.while crying everyone was crying now even me

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