Forever and Always

Mia and Niall never used to be so close. But then one day, Niall builds up the courage to ask her out. Will Mia say yes or will she turn Niall down?


1. Oh My God...


Mia's P.O.V

I sat down on the lounge and watched some TV. Nothing like ending the day with a snack, a drink and my favourite t.v show. But sadly, the peace didn't last. My brother, Harry, burst into the house. He was breathless, smiling and couldn't barely form words. I paused the show to hear what he was wheezing out. 

"" He said, between intakes of breath. Okay, to be honest, I didn't know if he was out of breath because he had ran into the house or because of the white envelope he held in his hands. Harry was 18 years old and I was 16. I knew him better than he knew himself, so I knew what he was talking about without looking at the envelope. He had gotten into Yale...well, on the waiting list at least. And it was extremely hard to get on the list let alone be accepted into the college itself. 


To celebrate,  Harry invited his friends Niall and Louis over to the house to grab lunch before the movie they were going to. Niall, being the nice one, was kind enough to invite me. But I rejected. I would never be anything more to him then his mates little sister which is hugely ironic since he means more to me than just my brothers mate. I've had a crush on him for thirteen years, practically since Harry and him became friends. And as each day comes, the flame that burns for him inside me grows bigger and brighter.

2 weeks later...

I sat on the couch with books and sheets sprawled everywhere. My hair in a messy top knot. My legs crossed. I was wearing a loose t-shirt and some yoga pants. I chewed a pencil in thought and frustration. Since when I am gonna need the Pythagoras theorem in life anyway!!!! I thought. 

I slapped a post-it note on it with a pre-drawn question mark on it. I moved onto the next question, feeling a migraine coming on. I stared at the question for 5 seconds before crying in frustration. THIS IS THE SAME TYPE OF QUESTION!!!!! I thought. I put another Post-It on the page. I am going to need more of them soon I thought. I paused before laughing hysterically. I quickly stopped before my mum questioned my sanity and moved onto the next one, which was easier and was actually in a language I understood. I heard the door open and didn't bother looking up. It was probably Harry back from work. I kept working when I heard footsteps stop next to me.


"Mia?" I heard, a familiar voice say. I knew that voice. Oh my god, why is here!? Harry isn't here, no one is here but me!! Oh my gosh, I look disgusting!! I couldn't bother looking nice for once could I? But I'm studying not going out!! Omg, what if I am going out! I am so embarrassed!! All these thoughts ran around in my head while I put my pencil down and looked up slowly.


And sure enough, blonde hair, blue eyes and a nervous smile. WHY CAN'T I BE WRONG FOR ONCE?!?!


"Niall? Harry isn't here. He won't be back for at least another 10 minutes"


"I know. I'm not here to see Harry" He said, shifting from one foot to another shyly. Oh... "I'm here to see you" My. God.

"Oh. Well..." I said, smiling nervously. "Okay then. What's up?" I nervously tucked a piece of my hair behind my ear and fidgeting. I think my subconscious knew what was coming because all of a sudden, my stomach was filled with butterflies. 

"Here's the thing..." He begun, sitting down.


Niall p.o.v

I pulled up in front of her house and started to get out of the car but I froze. My mind started coming up with all these what if questions. They were like mosquitoes injecting me with doubt instead of disease. Okay, that just put a mental image in my head that I did not want. 

Come on, Niall. What? Are you just gonna drive here and then back out at the last minute? Drive here for no reason? Don't be a chicken

I took a deep breath to calm my nerves and got out. She was home. She was sitting in the lounge room. It looked like she was studying. By the way, I saw this through a crack through the blinds. I swear I am not a perv. Who're you convincing? 

I knocked on the door but it was ajar so I stepped in. Sure you aren't a creeper, Niall? I scowled at my brain and kept walking. Mia was scowling too, she was doing maths homework. She kept slapping post-it notes on her workbook that had question marks on it.

"Mia?" I said, smiling nervously. She froze as she registered my voice. Her breathing stopped and then quickened a bit. She recovered quickly though from the shock and put her stuff down. She turned to me. She wasn't really dressed up nice or anything. Her long hair was up in top knot, a few stray hairs had escaped and had fallen in her face. She was wearing a loose t-shirt and a pair of yoga pants. The look was simple and casual but on her, she looked like a model. A stunning vision of beauty. 


"Niall? Harry isn't here. He won't be back for at least another 10 minutes" She said, laughing a little nervously.

"I know. I'm not here to see Harry" I said, looking down shyly. I shifted from foot to foot. I saw in my peripheral vision Mia's eyes narrow a little. "I'm here to see you" 

Again, she froze for the second time. 

"Oh well" She smiled nervously. "Okay then. What's up?" She said, tucking a piece of her hair behind her ear. How many times have I wanted to do that but was too scared to? Too many. She fidgeted a little bit, nervous. 




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