headless and breathless

they all judged me, by my appearance and my act. They where all fooled... no one wanted to get to know me.. maybe even help me. but than I met him. he dug and saw the real me, but he made me what i am today, he never helped me instead he awoken the beast inside me.... do I regret it? not at all. Do those people who judge me regret it? . yes they do.


1. headless and heartless


People always called me violent, I wasn't until that one day I met him.

They said I was happy, I wasn't it was all just a wall to cover my real feelings.

They said I was crazy since he wasn't real, I'm not he's here your just not looking hard enough.

They said I was stupid; I'm not since I haven't been caught yet.

They said I would end up killing a person, I ended up killing people.

These people....my neighbors, my so called "friends", even my family all judged me by my act never wanting to know more than what was on the surface besides him... but, he made me this way and I love it. I knew I was probably going to end up like this...not by him only though, the growing feeling of power, of playing god...knowing you are the only standing in between life and death.

All those people who judged me are going to regret every. Single. Word.

Just as I've proven we all lose our heads...


Hunter always had a good childhood; well that's what everyone thought. No one knew how she came to be like this, all her so-called "friends' and her family members said she was a happy bubbly girl always smiling and filled with laughter and sunshine but, none were looking deep enough into her soul to know  she was plotting and having a friend who kept urging her to do things, if they did dig just a little deeper maybe they would still be alive, breathing the same air as us, maybe we wouldn't be hiding in fear of the dark shadows that lurk in the corners of our room to see if she's about to strike. But, is this true fear or are we all faking?


Hunter was 14 when she started feeling things "normal" people shouldn't. When she got bored or angry or feeling anything remotely she would get a funny piercing feeling throughout her body along with that her hands and fingers would start to twitch. She never understood why until she saw those piercing gray misty eyes and the shiny slick silver blade he was holding out to her, beckoning her towards him.

She was always into creepy pastas while her friends liked boys, she liked to know about strategies while her friends liked to know about clothes and make up. She was the ugly duckling her friends always teasing her about it, yet she always hung out with them instead of with the kids like her, why she never really knew but, always regretted it.

Now standing seeing the aftermath of the scene in front of her she smiles, a genuine smile but the difference between this and another it looked like it should belong to the joker a large creepy insane smile. She had a crazy look in her eyes shining bright through the dark room and she was silently laughing as she saw the people she knew out in front of her in the condition she conflicted of them. And there she stood until the boy came.

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