The Enigma of Love

She moves from a big town to a small town. She left it all behind. The great school she went to, the love of her life, her social life, her part time at the mall, everything. What else could go wrong?


1. This is the Start

She walked up the rotting steps, and entered what would now be her new abode. She took a deep breath and sighed. "Why does it have to resort to this?" she whispered to herself. She was in a relatively new town, except for the part that she lived there for two years when she was younger. But for her now, it was like exploring a ghost town.

"Hey Maya! Come back down and help us bring up more boxes!" Maya's mother yelled to her from outside the U-Haul truck.

"Mom, do you think everything will be better now that we've moved here?"

"I'm praying to God that it will or we'll have to leave once again"

That's the one thing she hated about her mom. While they lived back in Boston, they frequently moved from apartment to apartment. One day, Maya's mother got so financially unstable, that she resulted in moving back to Albany, NY because she believed that she could better support her family in Albany. After all, she is a single mother of three children.

"Here's my new room, I guess" Maya said.

She quickly unpacked a few boxes and got some sheets to put on her bed. She was exhausted by all this conflict. The hardest part for her was leaving him back in Boston. They've been together since March 14 2013.

Like she's been wishing, she received and email from him.

"Maya... If I dont get to see you again...i want you to now that ....I....I love you so much. It sucks. but i guess its time..huh. you know its hard to say this to the person that meant-means the world to you at night here while listening to sad music."

She was wondering if this meant the end of them two. Deep down inside, she didn't want it to be over. She wanted a long distance relationship. But judging the boy he was, he wanted someone right there, right now. She didn't realize this about him. Sure, he loved her, but only for the moment. She never really realized that he was just a boy. He wasn't the young man she needed.




Maya started school tomorrow, and she didn't realize that this school would be the worst downgrade for her. After her first day, she never noticed that Albany was so bad. The students at the school are delinquents but the teachers and curriculum are great.

By the next week her mother arranged for her to go to a all girl's charter school. Later, will she realize that it will be the best choice of her life.


And me, you'll soon enough find out who I am.

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