The Enigma of Love

She moves from a big town to a small town. She left it all behind. The great school she went to, the love of her life, her social life, her part time at the mall, everything. What else could go wrong?


2. Chapter 1a

'...Baby.. come back here...'

"Oh I will, for you love, always for you."

'Baby I love you so much... will you stay with me...?'

"Together forever."

'You promise?'

"Of course."



The sudden realization that it was all just a mere dream depresses me. It's only been a month since I moved here and I'm already depressed. I'm not trying to think of him. I know he doesn't care anyways. But to be honest, at least its not the same depressed I felt back in Boston. At least now I can be depressed for all the right reasons.

I don't get along with the other girls at my school, and I don't have any friends I can talk to or hang out. Yeah, I got childhood friends and all, but they have their own friends and I don't wish to interfere. Anyways, most of them don't like me, anyways. I am a total stranger at youth group. I feel so out of place there like I feel alienated.

I guess this whole moving to a new town thing needs getting used to.

Good thing it's Saturday. It was almost noon, and I don't want to be stuck at home. So I set out to explore my new neighborhood.


Turns out that right around the corner there is an abandoned school and right in front of it is the parallel to my all girls school. The all boys school. There was no one in sight. It was hot and humid so I just headed home before I could get into any real trouble.


I decided to get on my email (yes, I still use my email, even if I have smartphone right next to me), and I received an email from an old friend of mine.


"Hey Maya! I see that you moved without telling anybody >:( anyways, hit me up when you read this"


These ignorant people don't remember how all last year I told them I would be moving in the summer. Call me a bad person, but I chose not to respond just because of their stupidity.


Turns out that anything I used to enjoy, I don't enjoy anymore.

I just want to drown in slumber.

And that's exactly what I'm going to do now.

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