All Your Little Things

When two cowgirls run into one direction and someone disappears who will it be? will the boys stick around or leave? Is one of the boys kidnapped? Find out


1. They're Here

The man, he's watching me again, in his old beat up truck. I can't see his face, but I can feel his eyes boring into me like knives.


"Come in" I answer to the knock looking away from the window, my best friend/sister walks in smiling until she sees me.

"Is he watching you again Avery?" She sighs, she doesn't believe me about the man who stalks me. I look back out the window to discover the man is gone along with the old truck, I can't really tell what the color is on it because of all the dust covering the thing.

"Yes he was, what do you need?" I switch the topic, when she doesn't believe me about something I really don't like to talk about it a lot. After I realize she had her hands behind her back the whole time she pulls around a notebook that has the word "diary" written in big fancy glitter letters. I snatch it away from her and inspect it, we don't have a lot if money in the family since I moved in, but still most of the money goes to the farm and our living conditions.

"I love it thank you Katy" we hug for a minute, I now need something amazing to get her next month, otherwise what kind if friend would I be? We hear a loud roar of an engine breaking down outside and we both look out the window, on the side if the bus says "one direction" we both nearly scream in excitement. We watch as the boys exit the van and walk up to the house, Katy runs out of the room as I just watch. After Katy runs from the room, Zayn Malik looks up at me and smiles, I feel my chest explode as I back away from the window the Zayn Malik just looked at me, and he smiled too!!!!!!!!!

"Avery we have guests!" My step mother shouts from downstairs, and when I walk down I see Katy sitting shyly on the couch next to Harry. I walk down and sit on the rocking chair which no one has taken yet. Zayn, Niall and Liam are still in the kitchen, Harry introduces himself to Katy with a cheeky smile on his face and Katy just flushes bright red. I feel so bad for her until someone sits down next to me and embraces me with a hug, my face is pulled into their chest. I'm guessing it's Louis since he is the super crazy one, and then someone sits on the other side of me and hugs me from behind.

"I can't breath" I laugh as I hear Zayn's voice in my ear

"Oh you should get used to it" I laugh even harder and attempt to break free, but one if them pulls us all to the floor, Harry playfully shoves Katy and she falls on us, and he, Liam and Niall casually lay on us next to Katy, she laughs at me the whole time, mainly because I wiggle around so much trying to breath.

"Are we scaring you?" Louis asks me, I know Katy is loving this because she won't stop laughing, I laugh

"I've seen scarier Louis, I'm around the scariest things at school" he smiles and kisses my cheek, I feel Zayn tense up on the other side of me for a brief second. Is he jealous that Louis kissed my cheek?

"Ok I think they have had enough" Niall says sitting up, his butt on my stomach

"Or do you just wanna get something to eat?" I ask, he looks down at me

"Shut up" he jokingly snaps and gets up, Harry on my thighs bounces a little before getting up and helping Katy as well. Zayn stands up and helps me up while everyone else runs to the kitchen for a snack. I just can't believe they are in our house.

After snack Katy and I show them to our four empty rooms since there are seven rooms in the house, and three of them are used, one for our parents, one for me, one for Katy, and one for Katy's older brother Chris.

After dinner today I went straight to my room to draw, since I had a rough conversation with my friend Alex, he started saying that someone told him rumors about me and I had to repeatedly tell him that the rumors weren't true. At about nine o'clock someone knock on my door, in short shorts and a tank top I expect it's Katy

"Come in" I call, Zayn walks in shirtless, I kinda blush as he closes the door behind him. I see all of his tattoos and crinkle my nose, I don't like tattoos but I won't judge him for it. He looks up at me and I can see his eyes are red and puffy from crying.

"Can I talk to you?" He asks, he shows me part of his arm where red occupies a spot on his tattoo covered arm.

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