The Blond Demon

Alux Weasley, Arthur's little sister, is torn between love and hatred when a certain death eater comes into her life. Lucius Malfoy is a vial man but for some reason unknown, he wants her. When things magically appear and people start to change, will she open up and love him when no one else will? Love, hatred, and betrayal find it's way into her and soon she realizes every angel is a demon. Disclaimer: Everything except Toni Weasley goes to the amazing JK Rowling.


1. the start of her life

" let's see here. Red hair, vacant expressions, tattered second hand books... You must be the weasleys." Lucius Malfoy said to my nieces and nephews.

I walked over, pushing myself in between him and the children.

" let's see here. Blonde hair, grey heartless eyes, ugly silk robes. You must be a Malfoy." I said and Lucius smirked.

" Alux Weasley, I haven't seen you since school. You were a proud, gorgeous Gryffinwhore." He said and I smiled.

" that's right, Lucius. Just as you were a bastard." I said and he towered over me but I didn't flinch.

" you were a bitch back then too... The only difference was you are now much prettier." He said and raised my hand to his lips, grazing the knuckles with a kiss.

" if you don't remove your lips I will hex them off." I said and he slowly dropped my hand.

" I will see you around, Draco come." He said and stalked out of Burgin and Botts.

I turned towards the 6 faces looking at me and smiled.

" now only a few more books to get. Let's go." I said and ushered them off, Lucius malfoys lips still lingering.


" Come on, guys." I yelled at my nieces and nephews as they stepped onto the hogwarts express.

" Miss. Weasley, how nice to see you again." I heard that drawl.

I whipped around, Lucius Malfoy standing there with his son.

" Malfoy, I can't say the same." I said nicely and he smirked.

" Ahh, Narcissa." He held his arm out, a black haired woman with white strips came over, putting her arm lovingly around him.

" This is one of Dracos teachers." He said and she smiled at me.

" Hello, I'm his mother." She held out a perfectly manicured hand and I shook it lightly, smiling at her.

I looked into brown eyes and noticed something. They were not happy.

" I'm Miss. Weasley, his potions professor." I said and she raised an eyebrow.

" And where did Severus go?" She asked and I laughed lightly.

" He traded posts with me after two years of nagging me to death." I said and I looked up into Malfoys blue eyes.

" Umm... I would love to stay and talk but.. I have to.. Uh go."

I turned and ran straight onto the train and into the professor compartment.

I leaned my head against the door, trying to catch my breath.

" Alux, problem?" I jumped, turning around and clutching my chest.

" Jesus Sev! Scare me to death why don't you!" I snapped and the black haired man smiled at me.

" Nice to see you too." He sat back, his long fingers going through the book pages.

" I see you are socializing with the Malfoys?" He said and I sat across from him.

" Lucius Malfoy, no. His wife doesn't seem so terrible. But I am not socializing with them. It was Lucius damn him." I said and he chuckled.

" I see that his charm has not worked on you?"

I laughed and stood up, playing with the sparks from my fingertips.

" No, sev. I have my eyes set on a dark, snarky, long haired defense professor." I joked and he ran a hand through his hair.

" And I have my eyes set on a strawberry blond, very skinny, perfect potions professor who was nice enough to switch places with me!"

I laughed and after taking a few deep breaths walked out and went to check the compartments.


A/N: ok, this is one of my little late night stories and I just want opinions. Should I keep going or just stop? This is my first one and I'm scared. Opinions please!

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