The Blond Demon

Alux Weasley, Arthur's little sister, is torn between love and hatred when a certain death eater comes into her life. Lucius Malfoy is a vial man but for some reason unknown, he wants her. When things magically appear and people start to change, will she open up and love him when no one else will? Love, hatred, and betrayal find it's way into her and soon she realizes every angel is a demon. Disclaimer: Everything except Toni Weasley goes to the amazing JK Rowling.


5. the showing

Winter break came and I had not heard from Lucius Malfoy in a month.

I returned to the burrow, the warm Weasley feeling making me happy as I sat around the Christmas tree, feeling like a child on Christmas morning instead of a grown woman.

" Alux, here's your last gift.." Arthur said and handed me a rectangle box, all of us eagerly watching as we opened our first present.

My first present was expected, a Weasley sweater. The second was a scrapbook from Ron, Harry, and Hermione. It held all our of fine and not so fine moments. The third was from the twins, a joke box for teachers. The fourth was from Arthur, an enchanted book, making the pages turn to whatever my heart desired. The last one, the rectangle one was the most shocking one.

Inside the small rectangle box was a bracelet. Pure gold. The charm, so small and bright, was a snake. Green and silver.

" who is that from?" Molly asked and I smiled, tucking my hair behind my ear.

" Umm.. Lucius Malfoy maybe." I said and Hermione giggled, watching as Molly's mouth dropped.

" There's a letter!" Ron exclaimed and I picked up the letter, reading it to myself.

The words stuck out, terrace and manor. He wanted me to come to his manor at 2:30. It was 1:00 now.

I jumped up, smiling and handing Molly the letter.

" I love you, honestly. But I have to see him!" I said and ran up to my room, starting to dress.

After I was ready, I looked myself over in the mirror, smiling at my reflection.

My hair was curled and went in ringlets down my back. I had on a pair of black leggings with black snow boots. A blue sweater and black scarf topped it off as I shrugged my heavy jacket on. It was, after all, Christmas and warming charms didn't cut it.

I closed my eyes, thinking of the manor I had been to so many years ago. I felt the tug at my navel and when I opened my eyes, I was standing in front of Malfoy Manor.


" Alux, you came." Lucius said as I stepped in the big manor.

" Yes, thank you.. For the Christmas gift." I said and he gave me a smile, placing his hand on the small of my back and leading me onto a magically heated terrace.

" you have gorgeous grounds..." I said, leaning over the railing and looking out at the fallen snow that went for miles.

" Malfoys have to be perfect." He said quietly and I looked up, meeting his grey eyes.

" they all are, ya know? The Malfoys." I said and he crossed his arms, looking past me.

I walked over and made him let me take his hands, placing them over my heart.

" No matter what anyone says, Lucius. You are perfect." I said and he looked down at his arm, where I knew the mark laid.

" and this..." I grabbed his hand, rolling up the sleeve and revealing the dark mark. He went to pull his hand away, trying to shield me from seeing it.

" This is proof that people change. You have changed since school. And you keep changing. I don't know what to expect from you anymore. I don't see the Lucius Malfoy I saw years ago. I see someone totally different." I ran my fingers over the mark, one of his hands coming to rest on my cheek, his thumb running over my bottom lip.

" Because everyday I think of you." He leaned and captured my lips, slowly kissing me.

" Merry Christmas, Alux." He said against my lips and I pulled away, pulling his arm up and kissing the dark mark.

" Merry Christmas, Lucius.


A/N: I know this is a crappy chapter and I'm sorry. I will update soon, lovelys. Please share the story with others, it will be greatly appreciated. All feedback is important! Negative or positive, I need it to help me! Thanks for reading it!

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