The Blond Demon

Alux Weasley, Arthur's little sister, is torn between love and hatred when a certain death eater comes into her life. Lucius Malfoy is a vial man but for some reason unknown, he wants her. When things magically appear and people start to change, will she open up and love him when no one else will? Love, hatred, and betrayal find it's way into her and soon she realizes every angel is a demon. Disclaimer: Everything except Toni Weasley goes to the amazing JK Rowling.


7. loving the demon

I woke up and was met by a warm sun, yellow walls, and a warm body beside mine. I knew Lucius had fallen asleep with me but not that he stayed.

I stretched a little, his heavy arm around my waist and his face buried in my neck. I draped my arm over his and softly rubbed it, checking for anything to tell me he is waking up.

I thought back to the dream last night, the room dimming as I did. He killed me in the dreams, would he do it in real life? Would he hurt me that bad?

" Morning.." I heard his soft voice say. He stretched and then pulled back, looking at me. I rolled over in his arms and traced a small scar, smiling up at him.

" Good morning, thanks for staying with me..."I said and he closed his eyes, smiling at me.

" You are welcome, Alux." He closed his eyes again, but I couldn't look away.

" Why are you looking at me?" He asked and I blushed, looking down at his collar bone.

" What is this.. I mean us.." I asked and he put his hand on my hip, kissing my cheek.

" This is the start of something new. You are mine and I'm yours.."

I looked into his grey eyes and the dream from last night vanished as he kissed me, making my heart skip beats as I felt his tongue slip in between my teeth, begging for entrance. I let him devour my mouth, feeling his thumb play with the exposed skin on my hip. My stomach held butterflies, my mind telling me never to stop, but we had too.. Before anything happened.

I pulled back, him groaning at the lost. He went to kiss my again but I turned my head, giggling as he started to tickle my sides.

He pinned me down, climbing on top of me and laughing as I tried squirming from underneath him. Finally the tickling stopped and he leaned down, his blond hair falling down around my face.

I reached up and ran my fingers through it, the soft strands falling back down. I smiled and tucked both sides behind his ears as he looked down at me.

" Alux.." He said quietly and I looked up into his grey eyes.

" Lucius?" He leaned down slowly and stopped just inches away from my face.

" Have I ever told you.. You are the best thing that ever happened to me?" He said and pulled my leg up to wrap around his waist.

" I don't think so.." He moved his hips into mine and I felt him against my thigh.

" Well.. You are." I ran my hand down his chest, stopping at the hair around his belly button that ran into the top of his pants. I took a moment and looked him over, getting the image in my mind forever.

He was tone, that's for sure. I could feel the muscles flex under my fingertips as I moved them over his shoulders and back down to his chest. He had scars scattered over his body, years of serving him for sure. He reached up and titled my head to meet his eyes.

" let me show you how much you mean to me.." He pressed his lips softly to mine as I wrapped my other leg around him. Screw before, I want now.


We emerged from the bedroom two hours later, Draco already eating and prepared to start the day.

The house elves picked out my clothes for me today. A red dress with black boots and a red robe with the Malfoy crest on the front. Lucius wouldn't take no for an answer. Today I was going to live like a Malfoy.

" Good Morning, Draco." I said and he looked up at me.

" Good Morning, Professor." He said and I put my hand on his shoulder,

" I think it's okay if you call me Alux." I said and he smiled past me at Lucius.

" Alux."

I looked back to Lucius and he walked over, putting his hand on the small of my back and kissing my cheek.

" Draco, today we are taking her to live like a Malfoy. Let's leave now so you won't get to full." He said and Draco rose, Lucius handing him his wand.

" You will have to step outside to apparate until the house gets use to you.." Lucius said as he led me to the front door. We walked outside and before I knew it we were in Hogsmeade.

I looked around as people stared and whispered at us. It had to be a Weasley with a Malfoy that drew everyone's attention.

He led me into a restaurant and we were immediately seated, the waiter bringing out a glass of wine and water. It seemed Lucius was a regular here.

I was sat beside him, Draco across the table from us. His hand was drawing circles on my thigh as he looked around the place. His hand stopped and went to his cane. His wand.

" Lucius.. What's wrong?" I said and followed his gaze to a witch walking in, looking around and then meeting my eye. It was one of the Carrow twins, Flora. She walked over and Lucius's hand tightened on his wand.

" Lucius, socializing with blood traitors?" She asked and Lucius stood, towering over the woman.

" Flora, don't call her that. You see she is bearing the Malfoy crest, don't you?" He held out his hand, motioning to my robes. My hand tightened around my wand as she glared at me.

" The Dark Lord will be pleased to hear of this." She said and Lucius looked around, grabbing her by the face and looking into her eyes.

" Obvliviate." He said softly and her eyes softened over before hardening.

He turned her around and then sat down, shielding us from her.

" I'm sorry you had to hear that.." He said and I put my hand on his face.

" Thank you.. For whatever that was." I said and he leaned over, kissing me gently. I realized then that I could get use to this. Kissing him whenever, going out in public with him, watching him change.

" Oh Merlin, don't snog in front of me." Draco said and we both laughed, intertwining our fingers underneath the table.


A/N: BOOM! So she has fallen for him. What's next? Chapters will be getting longer from here on out, so get ready. Please comment and share this story, everything counts!

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