The Blond Demon

Alux Weasley, Arthur's little sister, is torn between love and hatred when a certain death eater comes into her life. Lucius Malfoy is a vial man but for some reason unknown, he wants her. When things magically appear and people start to change, will she open up and love him when no one else will? Love, hatred, and betrayal find it's way into her and soon she realizes every angel is a demon. Disclaimer: Everything except Toni Weasley goes to the amazing JK Rowling.


2. happenings

The first months of school went well and before I knew it I was sitting on the stands, cheering as Harry zoomed by on his broom stick.

I leaned over the teachers stand to look at Severus who was the referee, watching each one closely.

" Ms. Weasley?" I snapped back, Lucius Malfoy sitting beside me in all his death eater glory.

He had on a black robe, his hair tied back against the cool air, he wore black pants a white long sleeved shirt.

" Enjoying the game?" He said and I cut my eyes, turning back to look at the game.

" Not speaking to me? Hmm. What a shame."

" What are you trying to do?!" I snapped suddenly and he feigned innocence.

" Why, Ms. Weasley I am trying to have a decent conversation with you." He said and I laughed, making a few teachers look at me.

" You? Decent? You have.. That on your arm. So I advise you to watch the game." I said cooly and turned back.

" Severus has that same mark." I felt his hot breath on my cheek and whipped my head around, my face inches from his.

" Excuse me?"

" Severus, come now. Of course you know.." He said and I furrowed my brow.

" Stop. He's not like you. He's better then you." I said and he smiled cruelly, sitting back a little.

" We are all the same on the inside, it's what we do that makes us different." He said and I shook my head.

" Most of us have a heart. You don't."

I stood up and hurried down the stands, making my way to the castle.

As I stepped foot off of quidditch grounds I felt a hand turn me around.

" I can assure you, Ms. Weasley. I have a heart." He reached up and with one wave unbuttoned the top few bottoms of his shirt.

He grabbed my hand, bringing it to lie on his marble skin.

He was warm and smooth, something I never thought capable of. I looked up into his grey eyes and he looked at me, nostrils flaring.

" Do you feel it? Do you feel that beat?" He said, lying his hand flat over mine.

" I have a heart and I am human like you. I eat, I sleep, I feel.. I am you in a male body. I want you to remember that. We are alike." He said and I tried to step back, but my legs weren't working.

I looked from his eyes to the hand over mine.

Sure enough, I felt it. The soft beat of his heart against the palm of my hand.

" What are you trying to do to me? You are.. Terrible. I.. Release me."

My wand. It was in my pocket and I didn't even make a move to get it. I didn't even try to pull away from him.

" Say it. I have a heart." He said, his voice soft.

" I have a heart."

" Lucius Malfoy has a heart."

I closed my eyes, feeling two fingers pull my chin up.

" Say it."

" no."

" Yes."

I opened my eyes, grey eyes right before me.

" Lucius Malfoy has a heart."

He leaned down and pressed his lips to mine, making my breath stop.

I closed my eyes and pushed him away, wiping my lips with the back of my hand.

I drew my wand, shoving it into his throat.

" I don't know who you think you are but don't ever fucking touch me again." I snapped and before he could say anything I ran.

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