Levi Horan

Niall left for the x factor before Raine could tell him that she's pregnant. Two years later, Niall comes into town.


2. Chapter Two

Levi P.O.V.

Mommy told me that the man with the blue eyes is Daddy. She says that he's gonna take me with him for a little. Mommy says she can't come with me. I have to go all by myself.

The man called Daddy picks me up and writes something on Mommy's hand and she writes something on his hand.

Mommy walks away.

"So Levi." Harry says. "What do you want to do?"

I want to tell him that I went poop in my diaper but I'm not very good at talking. " Me poo."

"You need to poop?" Daddy asks.

"No. Me poo." I point to my diaper.

"Ni, I think he means he pooped." Harry whispers to Daddy.

"We need diapers then. Do any of the boys know how to change a diaper?"


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