Warning: Danger

Sarah was just an ordinary girl, she lived with he dad, her mom past away when she was younger. They move to a new town, after about 2 months of living there things start to get pretty weird, dangerous even.


3. The Hostpital

Sarah's POV

After school I decide to walk home.  I turn the corner and see an ambulance and a fire truck outside my house.  I ran down the road and up to the front door.  I was stopped at the curb, "you can't go up there".  A policeman told me, I could barely talk.

This is my house, what happened?" I asked.  He moved out of the way and let me run up to the house and up the stairs.  I ran straight to his room and saw paramedics all over the room.  I was stopped at the door, "you can't be in here." the women told me.

"Please that's my dad!"  I yelled at her.  She looked to her left and a man came around the corner and carried me out, kicking and screaming the entire way.  Sitting me in the passenger side of the ambulance, tears filling in my eyes.  "You need to listen to me when I tell you to stay here.  Can you do that?" he asked talking to me like a child, I guess I was starting to act like one.

A couple minutes later they came out of the house with my dad on the stretcher, loaded him in the ambulance.  I jumped out of the truck and ran to the other ambulance.  This time no one stopped me.  I got in next to my dad and they shut the door behind me.  I took my dads hand and looked at his eyes that never opened.  When we arrived at the hospital they rushed him to the E. R. I was still holding onto his hand.  "You need to stay out here."  One of the doctors told me.

"No, I need to stay with him."  I told him  One of the nurses grabbed my arm and stuck a needle in my arm.  A man came up and caught me when I fell.

I slowly opened my eyes and glanced around the room.  My dad was on the bed next to mine.  Needles coming out of his arms and were hooked up to large machines.  A nurse walked ever to me, "how are you feeling?" she asked.

"I'm fine, how is my dad?"

"He is in a coma, no telling when he will wake up."  She told me, I looked back at him and started to cry again.

"What did you do to me?"  I asked her.

"We gave you something to calm you down, you passed out so we brought you here."  With that she left the room. I slowly started to fall asleep.

Harry's POV

"If your not going to contribute to this family then just leave!" I slam the door shut behind me and walked down the street.  Without thinking I walk up to the corner by Sarah's house, but when I turned the corner I saw police cars outside her house.  Without thinking I run down the street but stopped at the curb.  "What happened here?"  I asked her.

"That is confidential, I'm going to have to ask you to leave."  She told me.

"Please just tell me where the girl and her father went." 

"We took them to the hospital."

"Thank you," she smiled and nodded.  I ran back down the road and towards the hospital.

*At the hospital*

I ran into the lobby and up to the desk.  "Hi, I need to know where the girl and her dad are.  Her name is Sarah I don't know what her last name is."  I asked the woman.

"There's a Sarah in room 311, down the hallway."  Without answering I ran down the hall and up the door labeled 311.  I looked through the window and saw Sarah and her dad laying in beds.  I slowly open the door and she looked at me, smiling.  "Are you ok?"  I ask.

"I'm fine, my dad was hurt and they haven't told me what happened yet."

What are you doing here then?"

"I was freaking out about the whole thing, they injected me with something to calm me down but apparently I passed out."  I could tell she was tired.  The heart monitor on her dad went flat and a nurse ran in, followed by a few others.  I grabbed her hand, when she woke up and tried to get up.  She fell off the table and fell into my arms, "give me her arm," a nurse told me. 

"No she will be fine, just go."  I said to her.  Without arguing she walked away. Sarah was crying in my arms, "ssshhh," I told her, "everything will be ok, I promise."


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