Warning: Danger

Sarah was just an ordinary girl, she lived with he dad, her mom past away when she was younger. They move to a new town, after about 2 months of living there things start to get pretty weird, dangerous even.


1. Him

Sarah's POV

"No stop!" I yelled trying to break free from his grip.

"You're mine now sweet heart, you're not getting away that easily." He said before putting a piece of duct tape over my mouth and continues to tie my legs to the chair.

*one month before*

"Morning dad!" I say hopping down the stairs kissing him on the cheek.

"Morning Sarah, breakfast?" he asked holding out a bagel.

"No thanks, Can't be late for my first day of school. I'll get something there. See you later." I hear a honk outside, grab my bag, and head out. I hop in the car filled with my closest friends, Hannah, Hailey, and Logan. We pull up to a stop light and I glance over to the coffee shop on the corner and notice a tall, curly haired boy standing at the counter. He looks over and looks back at me, he's not just looking but staring. I quickly look away and try to focus ahead but still felt like he was staring at me. I glanced back over and the light turned green and we sped away.

Once we got to school I found my locker, out everything in and walked around the school looking for my first class, room 115. I walked past the office and noticed the same tall, curly haired boy I saw in the coffee shop. I stopped outside the door and quickly turned around when he saw me. I tired walking away when he stopped me, "hey wait!" he yelled. I froze and slowly turned around.

"Hi", I said giving a small wave.

"Hey, I saw you in the car. I was in the coffee shop. I'm Harry, Harry Styles." He said in a British accent.

"I'm Sarah, and yea that was me", I let out a small laugh which made him smile.

"Well, I will see you later?" he asked.

"Yea, sure." I told him and walked away.

Harry's POV

She's perfect



Author's Note:

Sorry the chapter was so short, I'll update soon


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