Warning: Danger

Sarah was just an ordinary girl, she lived with he dad, her mom past away when she was younger. They move to a new town, after about 2 months of living there things start to get pretty weird, dangerous even.


2. Her

Harry's POV

"Harry please read the beginning of chapter nine... Harry?" She paused, "Harry! Please pay attention." I snapped back and noticed that my English teacher, Ms. Johnson was looking at me.

"What?" I ask, she continued talking but all I could think of was her. She was perfect, the way she laughs to the way her eyes sparkle in the light. I needed to get her, but how?

The bell rang and I was the first out of my seat and out into the hallway. It was time for lunch so I went towards the cafeteria. I turned a corner and came up to a row of lockers lining the hallway, and there she was. She was surrounded by a group of friends so I stood there at the corner and waited, watching as one by one left until she was alone.

She shut her locker and turned to look at me, "are you going to just stand there or actually come talk to me?" She said walking towards me.

"I was waiting for you to be alone," I told her realizing how stupid that sounded that sounded.

"Why?" she asked laughing.

" 'cause, believe it or not, I am so awkward when it comes to talking to people. I've been homeschooled my entire life the only person I could talk to is my mom." She laughed again. Her laugh was actually really cute.

"Well, I should get going." she said backing up.

"Will I see you later?" I ask her not wanting her to leave.

"Maybe," she told me smiling and turning to meet up with her friends.

Sarah's POV

I get into the cafeteria and sat at the table with Logan, Hannah, Hallie, and Jessica. "So who was he?" Hannah asked sounding concerned.

"That was Harry, I ran into him this morning."

"He's really cute!" Jessica said a little too loudly making the people around us look our way. I could see her getting red, but she just laughed.

"Do you like him?" Logan whispered.

"I don't know, maybe. It's too early to tell." I reassure him, I felt y phone buzz in my pocket but ignore it.

"I just don't want you getting hurt." Logan replies.

"Trust me, I won't" I say smiling. I stand up and leave the table, head to my locker and read the message. It read: "I'll see you soon..."


Author's Note

I really hope you guys are liking this... Who do you think that text is from? Think about it ;)

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