The New Girl

Becky, the fashionista, Tina the dancer, and Jordan the comedian are three girls with the same dying passion. To entertain. So they team up and thus forms 3G1C standing for three girls one camera. So when they get the E-mail to be apart of the MAGCON family they don't give it a second thought. But to be apart of it, they need to spend the summer in North Carolina where the boys will be at Nash's place. Will they all get along, OR NAWWW?! Will they're chances be ruined? Find out in The New Girl


13. Chapter Twelve

Nash's POV

It's been a week.

A week since Jordan and Matt broke up.

A week since Becky and Matt started dating.

A week of Jordan being quiet and not talking to any of us.

I'm worried about her, she always has this notebook with her and I don't know what she does with it but she's always writing or doing something with it. I knock on her door and walk in. "Jordan? I'm worried. You're not loud anymore. Why?" I sit down beside her and she doesn't answer and continues to write in her book. "Jordan?" No reply. "Jordan!" I yell and snatch the book away. She reaches for it but I stand to my feet walking to the door.

Black spiral. I flip the page. Black spiral.

Black spiral.

Black spiral.

Black spiral.

Page after page after page, black spirals. I look at her confused. "I'm doodling alright." She shrugs. "Some creativity you have." I joke, she smiles, faking a laugh. Her smile doesn't reach her eyes and I can see it's forced. "I'm gonna go now." I say and run out, running downstairs. "Tina, Becky, can I talk to you in private?" I say, they nod and we walk to the kitchen. I put the notebook on the table and open it flipping through the pages of spirals. "What's this? I grab Jordan's book and it's just filled with s-"

"This is Jordan's?" Becky asks. I nod. "I just said that." I say in a duh tone. "Yup, she's shutting everyone out now. She's for sure quitting YouTube now." Tina begins pacing. "How do you know that? She'd never q-" Tina cuts Becky off. "She hasn't tweeted, or made or discussed any ideas for her video. She's quitting. You know she's probably upstairs reading all that hate right now." Tina paces even more. "We'll just talk her out of it." Becky reassures Tina. But I feel like she's trying to reassure herself more than Tina. "No, she's stubborn. It took her a full year and a half to get her to where she was, you can't just talk her out of it."

I just watch trying to catch up with everything around me. "Ya know this is your fault?" Tina points at her. How? "How?!" IT WAS LIKE SHE JUST READ MY THOUGHTS! "If you didn't have to go and kiss Matt-" "It's not my fault I'm prettier than her!" Now I was mad at her. "If you and you and your slutty ass self didn't go and kiss someone's boyfriend then be the reason they broke up and then date their boyfriend we wouldn't be in this situation now would we?" Tina smiles.

I smile, I couldn't have said it any better myself. "Did you just call me a slut?" She gasped. "Keep up you dumb bitch! I can't believe I'm actually friends with a retard like you! You saw how bad her last break up before Matt was and you still went and but your thot ass mouth on Matt's and fucked everything up like you always do! So I'm officially done!" Tina blew up. I finally cut in. "Done what?" I prayed it wasn't with YouTube because they made a really good group.

"With her. With YouTube. With this whole Magcon shit. I'm done!" Tina stormed out of the kitchen and Becky let out a scream, stomping her feet and stormed out too. What just happened.

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