The New Girl

Becky, the fashionista, Tina the dancer, and Jordan the comedian are three girls with the same dying passion. To entertain. So they team up and thus forms 3G1C standing for three girls one camera. So when they get the E-mail to be apart of the MAGCON family they don't give it a second thought. But to be apart of it, they need to spend the summer in North Carolina where the boys will be at Nash's place. Will they all get along, OR NAWWW?! Will they're chances be ruined? Find out in The New Girl


14. Chapter Thirteen

Jordan's POV

I hear screaming from downstairs but I don't move. My finger taps against my leg as my vision blurs with tears as the memory floods back.

"WHERE WERE YOU!" My mom screams. There's drunken shouts from my dad and glass shatters. "YOU DICK! THAT WAS ONE OF A KIND!" My mom yells. There's a loud smack and my mom cries out and there's a thud. He hit her. Again. I pull my knees to my chest, holding myself tight as tears stream down my face. I want to escape as I hear loud footsteps. "LEAVE HER ALONE!" My mom screams. The door flies open and my dad stands there, red in the face, a strong scent of alcohol and perfume. The scent was sickening. I could feel my heart in my throat as he stomped over and grabbed my arm gently. He was gentle. But drunk. I wasn't a stupid kid, I've seen the movies they go from kind to kill in a matter of seconds. He picks me up off the bed. I don't dare move but I silently cry as he carries me downstairs. "Where are you going with her?!" He doesn't reply and walks out the door. That's when I scream out. "MOMMY!" I scream and hit him. I feel light but the feeling soon leaves as I hit the ground and I'm breathless.

I gasp for air as tears stream down my face. I'm choking on air and spit as I cough and pull my knees to my chest, crying. Nothing feels real as I grip the sheets, I feel dizzy even though I'm sitting. I can still hear my dad's scream. The pain of him kicking me. The neighbour pushing him away and his wife telling me it was going to be okay. I coughed and the picture of me coughing up blood flashed through my head and I only cried harder, clutching my chest. My mom screaming for help. She was bleeding badly. But so was my dad. My life was falling apart at the age of six.

I'm shaking. "It's gonna be alright baby." The wife cooed. Her voice echoed in my head. I could see the crazy look in my dad's eyes. He wanted me dead. He wanted my mom dead. He wanted us dead.

I open my eyes. "It's not real Jordan. It's not real." I repeat to myself, rocking back and forth. I begin to feel better but I'm left with anxiety and I gently shake. I stand up and walk to the bathroom looking in the mirror. It's indescribable how bad I look. I splash cold water on my face. I dry my face and sit back down on my bed. I feel nervous and on edge as I look out the window. My head pounds from all the crying and I want to sleep. I get under my sheets and I close my eyes. There is no need to be nervous. Your dad is locked away and can't get to you.

The door flies open and so do my eyes and my heart beats so hard I find it hard to catch my breath as I only find Tina. "Tina? What's wrong?" I ask. "I'm quitting YouTube. I'm done with Becky I can't spend one more minute with her or else I will rip every single hair out of her head." I bite my lip and don't reply. Because I had planned on quitting too. "Oh. So I guess we're all going home now." I nod. I stand up and walk over to my suitcase which I had emptied only a few days ago. "I'm gonna go pack." Tina says and walks out.

Well it was nice for the time we were here except when I decided to get romantically involved with Matthew Espinosa. That was a big mistake. I should've stuck with my gut and stayed with my crush on Nash. But nooooo I had to go for my favourite. Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Now look you can barely find the words to talk to anyone. Even your best friend Shawn!

Now you're leaving without achieving your goal. You should be proud. So proud.

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