The New Girl

Becky, the fashionista, Tina the dancer, and Jordan the comedian are three girls with the same dying passion. To entertain. So they team up and thus forms 3G1C standing for three girls one camera. So when they get the E-mail to be apart of the MAGCON family they don't give it a second thought. But to be apart of it, they need to spend the summer in North Carolina where the boys will be at Nash's place. Will they all get along, OR NAWWW?! Will they're chances be ruined? Find out in The New Girl


11. Chapter Ten

Becky's POV

We've been here for a month. One. Month. Jordan already has a boyfriend a best friend and a side chick. Wtf! I'm supposed to do all that! Not her! What makes me really mad is that her side chick is Nash. Nash is mine! She knows I like him! How could she?!

I walked into the backyard to find Matt laying down staring up at the clouds, oblivious to the world. I laid down beside him. "Hey." I whisper, no idea why but I did. "Hey." He replies, looking to me. I smile and he does too. He's so cute.


You can't like Matt. Matt is Jordan's boyfriend. Not yours.

But he is so cute!

I find myself leaning in and our lips meet. But he doesn't stop me. Does he like me too? Do i like him?

Forget that, I'm having a moment with Matt. Wait I'm kissing Matt! Matt is Jordan's boyfriend! I pull away quickly, scrambling to my feet. He sits up, looking confused. "What just happened?" He breathed, running a hand through his hair.

Oh how I longed to touch his hair. I sigh. "you can't say a word to Jordan." He says quickly. I gasp turning to him. "We have to. She'll be even more hurt if we don't." I point out. He sighs standing up. He pouts slightly and walks closer. There's barely any space. "I promised she could trust me and I did this. I can't tell her. Not yet." He says, looking deep in my eyes. Our foreheads touching. He places his hand on my cheek, his thumb gently stroking it.

Just take this moment in Becky. It'll be over in a flash. "B-but I can't just lie saying there's nothing going on between us." I say. "Is there something going on between us?" He smirks. I shrug. "I mean you kissed me s-" he shushed me. "I'll take that as a yes. I'll talk to her later alright?" He asks. I nod, smiling.

He kisses my lips softly and walks away leaving me alone in the backyard, my mind swirling with thoughts of what just happened and how I have a thing going with Matt now.

Wow. I have a thing for Matt. Never thought I'd say that.

I have a thing for Matt.



Do you prefer Becky and Matt


Jordan and Matt?


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