The New Girl

Becky, the fashionista, Tina the dancer, and Jordan the comedian are three girls with the same dying passion. To entertain. So they team up and thus forms 3G1C standing for three girls one camera. So when they get the E-mail to be apart of the MAGCON family they don't give it a second thought. But to be apart of it, they need to spend the summer in North Carolina where the boys will be at Nash's place. Will they all get along, OR NAWWW?! Will they're chances be ruined? Find out in The New Girl


7. Chapter Seven

Nash's POV

My heart broke when I looked at what everyone was hollering at. Matt. Jordan. Kissing. I sighed, turning back to Becky. "Yay!" She jumped up and down, clapping. That was annoying. "Yay?" I question. "Yeah! Jordan always had this huge crush on Matt and now it looks like Matt has a crush on her! They'll be so cute!"

I began breathing heavily as I gritted my teeth. "Nash? You o-" I cut her off. "No! I'm not! Jordan was supposed to kiss me! She was supposed to have a crush on me! Me! Not Matt! Not Shawn! Me!" I blurt. I bite my lip realizing the words that I had just said. "You like Jordan?" She asks, an expression of hurt on her face. I furrow my eyebrows, nodding. She lets out a gasp and runs off. She's the fastest person I've seen run in water.

Taylor swam over to me. "What'd you say to Becky?" He asked. I shrugged. "She asked me if I like Jordan, I said yes and then she ran off." I explain. He groaned, "She likes you Nash!" "Well ya know if you told me we could've avoided this whole situation!" I yelled at him. He shook his head. "I'm gonna go find her." He walks away.


I sat in the black Escalade with Matt, Jack G, Jack J, and Carter. "So Matt, you and Jordan eh?" Shawn raises his eyebrows. "Yeah, I mean she likes me and I like her so…" Matt smiled, blushing lightly. I sighed. "But Shawn I thought you and Jordan had something going on?" Jack J questioned.

Shawn laughed loudly. "Where just best friends that's it. Did you really think we had a thing for each other?!" He laughed again. I felt embarrassed, I was ready to fight Shawn for her to find out they were just friends. Glad I dodged that bullet. But now I have Matt to deal with.

"So you gonna ask her out?" Carter asks. "I don't know yet." Matt shrugged, "I'm too scared." Jack G gasped. "The Matthew Lee Espinosa is scared?! I don't believe it for a minute! You're just nervous!"

Matt chuckled nervously. I wanted to Matt so badly!

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