Age Play Story

Age Play: age play is a form of roleplaying in which an individual acts or treats another as if they were a different age. That's the definition of Age Play. It's also a way to relieve stress......
One Direction, most likely heard of them. I mean, they are the biggest boyband on the planet. But with being a famous boyband comes LOADS of stress. And it takes quite a toll on these boys. So, one day they decide that Zayn, Niall, and Liam would be the 'babies' and Harry and Louis would be the 'dads'.
I suck at blurbs but it will probably make more sense once I start the book....


1. Waking Up


Niall, Liam, and Zayn



Larry (Louis and Harry)

Louis: Daddy

Harry: Baba



Niall: 1 Months Old

Liam: 2 Year Old

Zayn: 3 Year Old



Louis: 29

Harry: 25 

Niall: 20

Liam: 20

Zayn: 20



Louis' Pov:


"Daddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Liam screamed out.


I groaned and rolled out of bed.


"Hey baby." I said to the gurgling boy in front of me.


I heard a cry from the distance and knew it was Niall. I picked up Liam from his crib and set him on the floor to play with his toys for a few minutes.


I walked into Niall's nursery and walked to the distraught boy. "Hey, what's wrong buddy?" I asked him. "Smwall." He whimpered. I was confused for a minute, but then put the pieces together. He was getting claustrophobic in his crib.


I picked him up and cuddled him until he was happy again and then brought him to the changing table. He was babbling something while I changed him.  


Just then Harry walked in with Zayn and Liam. It wasn't much, but I wouldn't change change it for the world.



Quite short, but it's just the beggining....And since I have a Wattpad account, I really LOVE age play and I have not found ONE age-play story on here..... So I thought I would try and write an age-play story on here..... So please comment what you think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I do take reading requests so if you want me to read a story you can leave it in the comments or on my wall. Thanks!! Xx ~Darbi

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