It Began With A Contract ( A Niall Story)

What would you do if you were asked to be Niall Horan's 'girlfriend' but he didn't even know? How would you get the famous band member to fall in love with you?


6. 2.) It Started With A Fall?

*Cheyenne's POV*

Today is the day I'm supposed to meet THE Niall James Horan. A huge wave of nervousness sweeps over me as I start getting ready. I first take a shower then blow-dry my hair. I curled the ends if my hair and put a headband with a little bow on it ^.^ it's cute. And I get my black leggings with my most favourite Nirvana T-Shirt.

*Skip along to da Concert*

I walk into the huge stadium, looking through the huge crowds of fans. 'I wonder who's opening up for them?' I think as I try to hurry and find my seat. As I sit in my seat waiting for the concert to start, I see a blonde. (A Clear Fake blonde.) I look at her for a second and I see that she's wearing no bra? 'I wonder why she would do that...' And I hear her tell her friend "When I see Michael, I'm gonna flash him my partners in crime! Referring to her 'FAKE' breasts... Ewh.

Now I know who is opening up for them.... I need to find a way to tell Michael. Because I really do not want breasts around my face at all. I find it kinda depressing she would do that. So I get up from my seat and walk around, so I chose to go get some food so I don't starve to death before the concert. It starts at 7:00 and it's actually just now 5:30 wow, I was in a hurry. Oops. So I turn to go to Nando's when I hear a roar of high pitched girl screams. I continue to walk around the corner when I hear a strong Irish accent yell "Run lads! We gotta get to the hotel!!" And next thing I know, there is a person laying on top of me while I'm flat on the ground. The person quickly stands up and says " I'm so sorry! I didn't know where I was going!" And I look up and see...

The one and only Niall. When I looked up, our eyes met and we stood there gazing into each others eyes. After what felt like years, he finally said "Hello, I am Niall Horan." And I say "Nice to meet you Niall, I'm Cheyenne Clifford." And he chuckles once he hears my last name, and then we both hear a cough behind us and I see Michael standing there with Ashton, Luke, and Calum. "Aye, Cheyenne! What are you doing here with Niall?" He said with a bit of confusion and anger. " Oh, I have a backstage meet and greet ticket to the concert, and there was this girl telling her friend she was going to flash Michael when he gets on stage. So I left because I don't want to hear a girl telling her friend That she's going to flash my brother. It just gross."

And everybody except Michael was standing there with their mouth open once I mentioned he was my brother. "W-wait.... Mikey, she's your sister mate??" Niall said with astonishment. "Yeah, this little turd-wad is my little sister." He said with a chuckle. I give him a dirty look and punch him in the arm, " You're not so pretty either Mikey." I said with a smirk. For some reason Ashton and Niall seem to stare at me a lot since I have met them.

After forever, Ashton slowly walks closer and says " Hey would ya look at that, we have the same shirt on Cheyenne." He said nervously. "Aw man, we do! I don't want to match with a jiggly puff!" I say with a dramatic voice. Ashton bursted out laughing, his laugh was quite cute...

'Stop it Cheyenne! You're on this contract for Niall!' I think as I look over at Niall who was giving Ashton a strange look. "Well Cheyenne, it was nice meeting you. And hopefully we get to talk more after the concert." He says with a wink and Michael grabs Niall and Ashton by the ears and tells them "No flirting with my little sister! Got it?" And they both nod while he drags them away still clenching in to their ears.

"Seeya Cheyenne! Better not get in any trouble! Or I'll kick your fat butt!" He yells while walking away. "Atleast mines not old and crusty as heck!" I yell back laughing. He stops and looks at me with an over dramatic look on his face, he laughs and leaves.

I really missed that dweeb.


Hiyaaa! Sorry if this is short. I really don't have that much time today.. But I did it! I will try and post 4 more time by Sunday!! (yay!)

And what do you guys think? Am I doing good?

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