It Began With A Contract ( A Niall Story)

What would you do if you were asked to be Niall Horan's 'girlfriend' but he didn't even know? How would you get the famous band member to fall in love with you?


4. 1.) New Beginnings

Today is the day I start my life. I slowly wake up to the constant beeping coming from my alarm clock. 'Ugh, do I really have to do this?' I think to myself. Of course I have to do this. It's the first day of work at Starbucks. I moved from Australia to Mullingar Ireland almost 5 years now. I'd be really surprised if I didn't get fired for eating everything on the menu.

"Cheyenne! Go work the register while I'm on break!" I slowly trudge my way to the kitchen, " Sure thing Darla." I say as I walk up to the register. " Hello, Welcome to Starbucks, how may I help you?" As I say that I slowly raise my head up to.... MICHAEL!!!! " MICHAEL!" I yell as I run around the counter and hug him. " Hi Cheyenne! What are you doing working here? I figured you'd be in a box or something." He said while laughing his butt off. " You think you're very funny don't you?" I say giving him a death glare. " I know I'm funny sis." He said with a smirk. " Anyways, are you gonna give me food or let me starve?" While rubbing his stomach in circles. " Gah, I figured you would be happy to see me instead of wanting food all the time." *Note my sarcasm*

" I am very glad to see you! I'm just..... Food." " Fine, what do you want?" I say with a small sigh. " I will get... A caramel mocha.. Large!! And your signature Black Forest Cake!!!!" He had so much enthusiasm on his face, just like when he first got his hair dyed some weird color. (I shouldn't be complaining because I dye my hair like every 6 months to some weird color too. It's red right now, and Michael's is green. We look like Christmas children.) " How many pieces of cake?" " Just two." " Sure thing Mikey, piece of cake" I said with a small giggle. " And you think I'm cheesy! " " Oh shut it Mikey!" I said with a big grin across my face. After that we talked for about thirty more minutes until I saw Ashton, Calum, and Luke walk in. "Oh god." Michael said. " Michael! There you are! Uhm... Who's this?" Ashton said while pointing at me with a confused look.

" Uhm..." He hesitated while looking at me, mouthing the words ' Do you want to tell them?' I mouthed back ' Maybe later today' he nodded in agreement. " Guys, this is my friend, Cheyenne." "Hi" "Hello" "Hey" they all said. " So uhm guys? Is it 'Hi' or 'Hey'? You guys seem a little confused about the while situation.." I said with a confused look. " I think it's Hi" said Michael with a proud look. " He-eyy?" Luke said with confusion in His words.

" Uhm, never mind. I have to get back to work, nice meetings you guys!" I said while giving Mikey a hug. " Cheyenne, here's my number so we can text. I forgot to tell you I got a new phone." Michael whispers while I nod. " Okay." Is all I could say. " Well, see you buys later." I said as we parted ways.

I walked back to the register with a smile, feeling happy to see my brother after what feels like forever. I then saw a woman dressed very important like. " Hello ma'am, what would you like?" She studied me up and down, trying to figure out my thoughts... She said " Hey, what do you say to a job involving a very, very famous lad?" And I was very confused at the moment. " Excuse me one second." I then walked I the back when I noticed Darla had just gotten off her break, which means it's now my break. I walk back up to the woman who now has her coffee in her hands, " Shall we continue?" I nodded in agreement as we walked to an empty table. We talked for thirty minutes, and I have to admit, it sounded pretty good- I mean, dating Niall Horan!! This has to be a dream come true!!

"So, what do ya say?" She said raising her eyebrows full of hope. "Of course I will!" I said with happiness. " Great! But, you can't let him know, you have to get him to fall for you. Here is a backstage meet and greet pass for their concert in Dublin this weekend." And after that, she got up and walked off. I sat there with fear, confusion, and doubt. 'how will I get Niall Horan to fall in love with me??' I thought. Later on that day, I lay in My bed at home and I couldn't sleep. (I'm so glad I don't have work tomorrow.)I had so many thoughts running through my mind 'he can't simply fall in love with you, your nothing to him and you always will be nothing.'

You know what? I'm not going to put myself down. I will win Niall James Horan over! You'll see.

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