Different body, same mind

My name is Tina I am 19 and I woke up today as someone else. In their house with all their stuff and I don't know we're I am!


5. the meeting


*in the meeting*

The boys explained every thing to Simon because he had no clue of why we were late. None if us knew how we switched let alone how we get back into our own bodies. Niall suggested voodoo!

Niall's P.O.V

You could always try voodoo I said. Tina looked surprised like I was mental. Go on Harry said. Well my brothers wife's sister in laws best friends pet food suppliers sons teachers used to do voodoo we could ask him I said. Could you repeat thy Liam said. Okay I know someone who does or used to do voodoo we could ask him. At least the all understood that.

Liam's P.O.v

Do you know were he lives or anything? Or have his contact or know where he lives I asked in a questionably tone? I know roughly where he lives Niall said. Okay were? I will phone him or get his phone number.

Niall's P.O.V

*phone call to pet shop*

(D=Dave, N=Niall)

D hello you have reached Dave's per store how may i help you?

N hello Dave this is Niall we met a couple of months back

D oh yea I remember you, how can I help

N I need your sons maths teacher the one who knows voodoo his number or something

D I will give it to you but you can't convince him to do voodoo again

N I can try my best but thanks bye

D bye

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