Different body, same mind

My name is Tina I am 19 and I woke up today as someone else. In their house with all their stuff and I don't know we're I am!


7. meeting Henry

Niall's P.O.V

I walked in and everyone was looking at me hopefully and I told them we would meet him at the shard in 30 mins and it takes about 20 to get there but if we get spotted it could be mayhem.


Niall said that we would meet him in 30. What are we waiting for then I shouted! It takes like 20 mins to get there so let's go I said whilst walking out of the room and they all followed me shortly. Liam said we should bring security just in case I could not disagree considering what happened this morning with the fans and asthma attack.

Harry's P.O.V

When we got there we had not been spotted luckily. Henry was on time and said we had to drink a green drink which will make us unconscious, but they can't be there or else all out bodies will get mixed up with each other which would be bad, very bad. Me an Tina both drunk the potion at the same time, the other went away making sure none else went near us then Tina and I were unconscious.

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