Different body, same mind

My name is Tina I am 19 and I woke up today as someone else. In their house with all their stuff and I don't know we're I am!


6. convincing the maths teacher

Niall's P.O.V

*phone call with maths teacher*

(N=Niall h=Henry)

N hello is this Henry the maths teacher ex voodooer

H yes who are you

N I know Dave from the pet store you teach his son

H did he give you my number

N yes I need your voodoo

H sorry I don't do that kind if stuff anymore

N umm I really need you two people have switches bodies and one is going on tour in a week so I really need your help

H this happened once before, this is serious were are you now?

N in Central London I can meet you outside the shard

H okay be there in 30 mins

N okay thanks you so much how much will it cost

H something like this wont cost a penny

N okay but I will take you to Nando and will we need anything

H no be there soon bye

N bye

Harry's P.O.V

Niall had been gone some time and I was getting really nervous but I can see Tina is as well I just hope Niall can sort it all out soon because I have tour in a week

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