Different body, same mind

My name is Tina I am 19 and I woke up today as someone else. In their house with all their stuff and I don't know we're I am!


10. can't think of a title


I want you Tina Harry said I looked shocked then said we should go upstairs we walked hand in hand back up were they boys were waiting for us.

Louis P.O.V

Tina and Harry had gone outside but hey had been gone a while then I said that we should look out the window at them I saw them out the window but it was looked so unasked Liam for the key and unlocked it. Then I ushered all the joys over to the window and said all make wolf whistles and stuff to embarrass them so we all did the Tina blushed then Harry whispered something to her then they came back up hand in hand.

Harry's P.O.V

We walked through the door hand in hand only to be greeted by the boys laughing and high five ing eachother. I sat down and pulled Tina onto my lap then Niall said okay no kissing or anything when any of us are present in the room okay. Okay Tina and I said. Tina do yo have a phone yea can I have you're number to I can call you when I am on your yea give me your phone and I will type it in.

A/n sorry this is such a short book but it is my 1st I might write a sequel maybe not if I do I will put it in this book thanks for reading. Xoxoxo

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