Stolen Heart

This is what happen's when you think you know your partner in love but actually don't. I got the idea for this story from this video


1. Stolen heart

    Sara was just hanging out with some friends on the day that changed her life. A boy showed up and asked Sara what her name was. Sara no could look back and wish that she never had answered that question. Not long after he asked Sara, "Do you want to go out some time?" If her dad had been there he almost certainly wouldn't have let that happen.  

    One thing that she wished that she never said was, "Yes." Because on their first date he told he Sara about a form of energy that all humans have and that he needed to stay alive. But she could never believe such a least not until not until she experienced it herself. Sara then realized that she didn't know what his name was. All that he could say was, "I'll tell you when I know you'r the one."

   Sara asked, "The one what?" Then all he said was, "Meet me at the old factory tomorrow night at eleven, then I'll tell you." Then as suddenly as he appeared in her life, he left. When Sara got home for almost three hours all that she she could think of was what to do. Trust him or tell someone.

    Sara then made the worst choice of her life. The next day she left her home and went to the factory. She didn't see him when she got there just an empty factory with boxes, rusty tools, etc. Suddenly she felt like she she wasn't alone. She turned around to see that he was there.

    He stared at her. His eyes seemed so focused as if looking directly into her soul. Suddenly he was right in front of her. The next thing she knew he kissed her. That kiss was one that she would never forget.

    It was just thirty seconds into the kiss and she could feel something changing. She felt as though she was having all the life sucked out of her. Suddenly he slowly lifted his lips away from her's just enough so that she could see the red mist coming out of her mouth and into his. Suddenly the red mist stopped and when it stopped she immediately fell to the ground and everything we   nt black. She woke up and he was gone.

   All that was left was a note that said You were the one...and not the last. She looked at a mirror that was next to her. She had never looked so pale. Her eyes looked so cold. She was worried that she was somehow a ghost. Then she realized that something paranormal had happened. 

   She then looked for her pulse and there was nothing. Her skin was cold as death. She knew that she was in her body. She then had a new fear. What if her parents were angry with her? 

   She picked up her phone, typed out a message, and sent it to all her family and friends.

    I'm sorry that I dated him. I never should gone out with a boy who's name I didn't even know.

    He's changed me. Put me in a terrible position. Maybe I'll come back someday, but not right 


                                                           To be continued...

                                                                                                            TurtAlicorn OUT

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