Stolen Heart

This is what happen's when you think you know your partner in love but actually don't. I got the idea for this story from this video


2. Life with no Heart

    Almost a year went by. Sarah was hardly managing on. She couldn't keep up a good budget. When ever she got an apartment it was only for a month or so. Eventually she decided to pull all of her money together and buy a Mobil home.

    She managed to do it. It was easier to live in her car than to have to pay the rent of an apartment. she lived in there for the next ten years. She was able to manege with on and off jobs. She traveled everywhere to avoid being discovered by police who might be looking for her.

    Their were in fact some close calls over the years. She was once just walking and turned around to walk back only to find a picture of herself on a poster to remind others that she was missing.  She realized that she would have to travel more often after that. But as the years went by she realized that she was running out of places to go. Then one day she decided to go back to her home town before she left to travel the other side of the world.

    She realized that people there could recognize her so she pulled on some sun glasses and covered her body in a way not to look to suspicious but not to show to much of herself either. She went to all of her favorite places and even walked by her house. Then she turned and started to walk to the bus stop. The bus stop across the street. When she thought it was clear she started to cross it.

   Suddenly she heard an engine humming. She looked to her left and saw two cars racing and write in her direction. She tried to run away, but she was too slow and the cars were too fast. CRASH!  She opened her eyes and saw that the cars that had rammed into her were still there but the drivers were gone. 

   She was unable to move. Then she looked up and saw someone who she hadn't seen in over ten years. It was her father. She opened her mouth to say something but as some as she tried everything went black. She woke up and had a breathing tube in her throat.

   She couldn't talk and was silent. Then her father looked at her and instantly spat out complaints. You have been gone for ten years! You're a bad girl! how could you leave me and your mother! 

    Then Sara opened her eyes yet again and she was on the ground were she had been hit. Suddenly she realized what she had been doing for over the ten years she had been gone. She was in pain mentally and physically. She wanted someone to be there for her and tell her it was okay. She wanted help.

So Sara yelled, "HELP! I CAN'T MOVE! SOMEONE PLEASE! HELP ME!" Then she heard foot steps coming to her. They showed their face and it was him. The one that started it all.

                              To Be Continued...............


                                                                                                       TurtAlicorn Out

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