Celebrity World #Harry #Selena #Justin #Demi #Jennifer #Zayn #Perrie #Louis #Brad

A new tv show (Celebrity World) starts. Celebrity's live together on the same island for 2 years. Without communication of anyone outside.

The contestants are:

Harry Styles
Demi Lovato
Miley Cyrus
Jennifer Lawrence
Justin Bieber
Selena Gomez
Zayn Malik
Perrie Edwards
Louis Tomlinson
Brad Simpson


2. Settling In

"Islanders there will be two dorms (boys and girls.) You will decide who is to share a bunk bed and who is to get the luxury king sized bed. The person with the luxury bed will get special privileges. You will now decide..." Said the voice over. The boys and girls separated into 2 groups.

"How about Demi and I share, Miley and Perrie share and Jen gets the special bed." Said Selena. The girls all agreed. The boys argued over which bed everyone got until. Selena stepped forward and said:

"Boys, Harry and Zayn share, Justin and Louis share and Brad take the Luxury bed.

So that was that sorted. The celebrities stared around until they heard the voice over come on again.

"Jennifer, Brad you will in fact not be in a dorm with your fellow celebrities. You will stay in the hut until further notice, please make your way to the hut right now." Brad and Jennifer made there way to the hut. When they entered the but a small room with one cramped double bed was there. That was all that was there.

"Luxury huh" said Jennifer.

"Yeah ha" replied Brad. Jennifer walked round and sat on the bed accidentally tripping up Brad, they both tumbled and landed on top of each other on the floor. Jennifer blushed and awkwardly sat on the bed feeling extremely uncomfortable. Brad sat on the other end relaxed and calm,

Back at the camp, the celebrity's where now told to sit around the campfire. Demi and Selena talked and laughed for ages. Miley felt really left out and was bored so she was looking for a bit of fun. "Aha let's make Perrie jealous that will be so funny! She thought" Miley spotted Perrie and Zayn sitting together. Miley walked past Zayn and Perrie before tripping and screaming. Zayn ran over to Miley who was now on the floor.

"Miley are you okay?" Asked Zayn.

"Yeah my ankles just really sore, that was so sweet and caring of you. Your so kind Zayn. Said Miley. Then hugging him and sticking her tongue out at Perrie.

Back in the hut, Brad started asking Jennifer about the hunger games. They started laughing as Jennifer started telling hilarious stories.

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