1D imagines!

Just some 1D imagines request who you want what type and your name


4. Niall and trinity

You look over to your boyfriend watching t.v"Niall I'm bored" "then watch the game" " but I don't want to" "I'm sorry then" ugh you think as you walk into yours and nialls room and you just remember you new lingerie you change into it and walk out of your room and turn to Niall and"we'll looks like your missing out" he looks over at you and sees you in your sexy new lingerie " get over here now" he demanded "well why would you want this while you have your precious tv" " I'm sorry" "sorry won't cut it babe you need to beg""nope "he says and takes off his pants and boxers revealing his dick " ok you win" you say as you jump on his dick then his parents walk through the Door "oops sorry!" they say as they walk out " we better get dressed trinity" Niall says and smiles

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