1D imagines!

Just some 1D imagines request who you want what type and your name


9. mellanye harry dirty

You r in your bed waiting for your boyfriend harry to come home who was supposed to be home two hours ago.…

Suddenly a very very drunk harry walked in the door

" HARRY WERE THE FUCK WERE YOU!!!" You screamed at him very angrily " I swasz atx th barrrrr" he slurred

" but now I sneed youuuu neaked" he said as he stripped down to nothing " harryyy" you moaned as his dick stood high and you were already naked

"Baby I'm gunnnna fuk uuu sooooo hard till you cannnt evem walllc" he slurred some more

Next thing you know he's thrusting into harshly " HARRY IM GONNA CUM!!" You at the top of your lungs about ehh ten times that night

And as harry predicted you couldn't walk in the morning😋

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