1D imagines!

Just some 1D imagines request who you want what type and your name


12. mellanye and Louis DIRTY

You and Louis ur boyfriend were watching a movie in the room when suddenly SOMEONE had wandering eyes

"Lou would it kill u to watch the movie?!?" " sorry mell bit to horny I guess" " well u could've just told me" you say smirking as you jump on him and start kissing him "finally!!" He mutters under his breath

You start stripping down until you r naked

"Oh mell"Louis moans as you start stripping him down

"Now for the fun part" Louis said as he moved down to your pussy

"Louis" you moan as he starts licking your clit then he moves down to your entrance and starts licking your slit next thing you know Louis thrust his tongue into your entrance and start moving it it around

"Damn baby you taste so good" he says as you finally cum

He positions himself at you entrance "you ready" you just nod as he enters you " ohh Lou" you moan as he enters you he starts thrusting faster and faster by every minute next thing you know you two are both cumming

"I love you mellanye" "I love you too Lou"

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