1D imagines!

Just some 1D imagines request who you want what type and your name


11. lizzy(me) and Harry

"WHAT THE HELL WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?!?" Your boyfriend harry yelled at you as he walked through the door

"Do what?" You ask having no idea what he's talking about

"YOU CHEATED ON ME!!!" He said throwing a magazine on you lap and on the middle there was a picture of you and you brother

" that's my brother!" You said trying to stay calm

"Well babe I think you should be punished" Harry said with a devilish grin

Next thing you know your thrown on yours and Harry's bed and being stripped down naked

"So babe I've seen you've been a bad girl lately" harry says as he rubs your clit "harrrry" you moaned loudly

"Don't wanna hear a sound from you babe" he said huskily as you bit your lip seeing his erection high and proud

Harry soon enters you and starts thrusting harshly

"Now baby I want to hear you moan my name" he says going faster


"Sorry babe looks like you get to hold it" he says with a smirk

"Oh harry" you moan as Harry's thrusts start getting sloppier

"Cum on the count of three 1.2.3!!" He yells as you both release at the same time

Harry pulls out and plops down next to you

"Love you Lizzy" "love you to haz"

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