1D imagines!

Just some 1D imagines request who you want what type and your name


8. Caitlyn and Harry

"OMGEEE!!!!!!" Your BFF squeals as she admires the ring on your finger " you lucky duck" she says in awe "what's going on" you might ask well the one and only charming, amazing harry styles(your boyfriend well fiancé now) proposed to you last night. " tell me the story again PWEASE!!" " ok ok I will calm your tits" you say shaking your head and chuckling at your bffs behavior " well it was all last night on our fourth anniversary harry took me on a picnic, romantic right? Well once we were finished me and harry were cuddling gazing up at the stars, and then I saw a shooting star and said " make a wish babe" and the he stood up and the he helped me up and of course I hade zero idea of what was goin on and it happened he got down on one knee and as you can see I obviously said yes and now I'm just really happy I love more than anything" " I love you to baby" you hear in the door way as you look over to see a smiling harry " h how long have you been there?" "Long enough to hear the full story" you run up to him and kiss him "I love you haz" " I love you to Caitlyn

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