The Directioner They Fell In Love With

This is a story about a directioner who meets her idols but could it take a turn for the worst?


9. Chapter 8: A Second Chance

It was 2am and me and Louis were still at the hospital. I was now wide awake pacing the waiting room like a lost puppy. My hands were trembling and my heart was racing. All of sudden there was a knock at the door.

"Liam and Harry are asking for you", said the nurse. Louis and i shot up and followed her. We arrived to see Liam and Harry sat upright on seperate beds next to each. I rushed over and hugged Harry tightly while Louis greeted Liam.

"Careful", Harry said chuckling.

"Sorry", I said, "I'm just so happy your ok". I hugged him again. I turned round to see Liam greeting him the same as i did Harry. I sat on the edge of his bed with his hand round my shoulder.

"Guys i'm so sorry it's all my fault", I began to cry again.

"Hey come on don't cry you weren't to know that was going to happen."

"But.. if my brother hadn't of.. then none of this would have happened.. and you wouldn't be all battered and bruised.. and.."

We was interuppted by one of the nurses.

A certain someone is asking for you. I jumped up without hesitation. I knew they were on about Niall. The boys followed behind hobbling in pain with the help of Louis. I rushed round the corner to find him lying in the bed, still and frozen. Wires flowing anywhere and everywhere. His face all battered and bruised. "Niall!", i cried, tears began to fall from my eyes.

"Beth", he screeched.

"I thought i'd lost you!"

"Now you can't get rid of me that easily", he chuckled.

I kissed him gently trying not to hurt him.The palm of his hand reached my face while looking deep into my eyes he whispered my name. "I love you forever and always", he said. A tear trickled down his cheeks. I held his hand firm against my skin cherishing each and ever moment. I turned to see the boys looking at us smiles on their faces. I saw Zayn with his eyes to the floor. I walked over to him and hugged him softly. "Thankyou", i whispered in his ear. Our family moment was ruined by the voice of male nurse asking to speak to me in private. "No", i replied, "anything that needs to be said can be said hear infront of the boys".

"It's a message for personal family only i'm afraid", he stuttered.

"They are my family", I looked around to each of them with a thankful smile.

"Okay if you insist", he said, "It's Jack."

"What about him", Harry asked still some what angry. The boys surrounded me and Niall anxious as to what the nurses next words would be.

"He suffered severe brain damage and.."

"..and what", I interuppted.

"He passed away in the ambulance..i'm..i'm sorry for your loss." After that he was gone.

The silence within the room was soon broken by Liam. "I..I'm sorry Beth.."

"It's was either that or he would of been in prison." I took a deep breath. "Right who want's something to eat you all look starved." I said trying to break the ice.

"Um.. sure why not", Zayn said. I took the boys orders and went off to the canteen to get them food. Of course it hurt that Jack was gone but he was never my brother he was just someone who happened to be related to me who didn't care about me enough to want to stick around unless he was drunk or had no-one else left. I could sense that things were going to change soon enough but not like this.

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