The Directioner They Fell In Love With

This is a story about a directioner who meets her idols but could it take a turn for the worst?


6. Chapter 6:Midnight Memories Part 1

I woke up this morning feeling as refreshed as ever just wishing the boys were the same. Liam and Zayn were up but half asleep, Louis and Harry were beside the pool soaking up the sun hoping to get rid of their hangovers and Niall was in my room puking into a bin. "I suppose some people just can't handle their drink", i laughed gently rubbing Niall's back. "Yeah well i'm not drinking tonight that's for sure!", He replied. "Okay i believe you", i added giggling to myself, trying to wind him up. I kissed his head gently pushing his hair from his eyes. "Get some rest, your gonna need it tonight", i said walking out the door. I didn't want to leave him not in that state but Harry said it was best to let him rest and that he would recover quicker." Because i never knew Harry was training to be a doctor" i said sarcasticly. I ran downstairs to see if the boys mood's had lifted. I was greatly disappointed. I went downstairs to find that the boys had all crashed out on the sofa asleep when suddenly i felt to hands clutch my waist from behind. It was Niall. He lay his head on my shoulder. I felt his warm breath on my cheeks. I turned around to face him. My hands wrapped around his neck and his around my waist. "I thought i told you to get some rest?", I looked at him trying to show i was cross with him. "I'm fine, i promise". He smiled at me looking deep into my eyes. He held me tight puling me towards him kissing me softly as he did so. "Ugh will you two get a room", Liam said grinning. I smiled at the boys who were all now pretty much awake. "Sorry guys", I replied giggling with my head pressed against Niall's looking into his eyes.

"Right who's up for a dip in the pool?", Louis asked looking at me and Niall inparticular.

"Lads?", Louis bellowed.

"Yeah were in!", Harry,Zayn and Liam were all in agreement.


"Yeah i'm in". He replied looking at me still holding me tight.

"What about my beautiful princess?", he asked with a huge grin on his face.

"Um.. nah i'll just stick to sunbathing, thanks though", i replied worried that they might question me.

"Okay your call", Liam added picking me up and carrying me outside. I screamed in laughter laying my head on his shoulder.

They all jumped in with no hesitation leaving me to sit and sunbathe well sort of. I lay there in the scorching heat in my shorts and Niall's hoodie. I couldn't take it off. They would see my scars. Niall would see my scars. They were embeded in my skin and weren't going to go away. The memories of that night were never going to go away. They were there on my stomach and my sides as if someone had scratched my skin with a knife. Those memories were staying hidden in my skin well for now anyway.

An hour later and the boys were still in the pool messing around and trying to dunk each other under. I lay there frozen boiling up but i refused to take off the hoodie. After a while i had fell asleep unaware of everything happening around me.

"Babe you'll burn up if you keep that hoodie on in this heat", Niall shouted. He got out of the pool and walked over to me dripping water everywhere. "Babe seriously take it off", he clutched my hand.

"She's asleep you dummy!", Harry shouted. The boys froze in the pool as silence filled the air.

"Beth wake up, Beth!!", he shook me trying to wake me. I lay still and frozen. His hand reached out for my forehead. "She's burning up guys!, help me!!", he screeched. The boys rushed out of the pool and over to me. Liam and Harry carried me inside where it was cool and layed me on the floor. Niall was beginning to panic. Zayn holding him back while Liam and Harry tried to wake me. "Take off her hoodie!", Louis shouted. The boys took off my hoodie to see the large deep scars on my stomach and sides. They paused. Liam reached over to check if i was breathing. "Well!?", Harry shouted. "She's not breathing". "Do something!!, Niall shouted tears filling his eyes. Liam began CPR awaiting for me to breath. After a few seconds I came round. Trying to catch my breath i jumped up from the floor. "Beth!",Niall shouted relieved that i was ok. He ran over kneeling down beside me clutching my hand tightly not wanting to let go. Zayn grabbed a cushion from one of the sofa's and gently placed it underneath my head for comfort. "I thought i'd lost you!", he cried tears streaming down his face. The boys surrounded us relieved and tearful. "I'm not going anywhere", i said short of breath. He chuckled and kissed me on the lips brushing my hair from my eyes. The boys went to fetch a glass of water and cold flannels. Niall picked me up and gently lay me down on the sofa. Zayn handed me some water which made me feel better and the boys put cold flannels on my head, legs and arms trying to cool me down as much as they could. I gripped Niall's hand tight. It killed me to see Niall cry. Tears streamed down my face. "Stay with me", i cried. "I'm not going anywhere!", he replied kissing my forehead while running his fingers through my hair to calm me down.

After an hour or so I had cooled down and awoke from my sleep to find Niall above me his eyes fixated on mine. I looked around to see the boys surrounding me with smiles on the faces. I sat up firmly."Woah be careful", Louis said grabbing my other arm. Harry,Liam and Zayn walked over to the couch infront and sat down.Louis then walked over to join me and Niall. They both clutched my hands tight. "What happened?", i asked still in abit of a daze. "You fainted from the heat", Harry said. "It was the hoodie", Zayn added. I looked down i was still in my shorts but my stomach was now showing. I didn't move. "Liam saved your life", Niall added looking at him grateful that i was still alive. "Babe what's wrong?",Niall asked concerned as to why i was now speechless. I burst into tears. "Where's my shirt?", i screamed. "Upstairs", Zayn replied, unsure as to what was going on. I began to panic. Zayn took off his top in a hurry and chucked it to Niall. "Here put it on her, now!" Niall helped me put on the shirt. The boys were all worried as to why i was now suddenly in some state of shock as to what seemed like nothing. How was i meant to tell them? What was i going to say?

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