The Directioner They Fell In Love With

This is a story about a directioner who meets her idols but could it take a turn for the worst?


7. Chapter 6 Midnight Memories Part 2

The room was silenced by my tears. Louis gripped my hand tightly looking straight into my eyes. "Whats wrong..did we do something to upset you?", he asked curious. "The sun burnt you it's ok we have some medication you can take for it to stop the pain?", he added. "The sun didn't burn me", I said. I was now shaking but i had to tell them. I felt sick hiding it from them. "There..there scars"

"Scars from what?", Liam asked with a comforting tone to his voice.

"I was in a car crash 2 years ago", i stuttered as silence filled the room. "My mum died that night at the hospital me and my brother survived but my dad was seriously injured ..but he died that same night in hospital."

"Beth were so sorry we didn't realise..", Harry stuttered, worried that he would say the wrong thing. "It''s fine." I started to cry again. Niall put his arm round my shoulder and held me tight in his arms. His shoulder covering my tears. The others rushed over to hug us both. "Sometimes group hugs are the best things",Louis said trying to lighten the mood. We all laughed. We all decended into our rooms to get ready for our posh glamour party. A party which consisted of just the six of us,drinks,food and movies. An hour or so later and the boys were ready. They waited downstairs for me continuing to ajust the final preparations.I opened the door and walked out onto the landing to see the boys all lined up against a red carpet centering from the stairs. Niall was at the end staring strait at me with a huge gleaming smile on his face.The others smiling in amazement as to what i was wearing. They'd only ever seen me in trackie's and majority of their tops but now i was more dressed up. Aqua blue with sequins. It was the dress Niall had bought for me a while ago and i finally had the chance to wear it. I walked downstairs shaking as i was so nervous. I had never got this dressed up before for anything. When i reached the carpet Harry and Liam were the to greet me linking my arms in unison. They walked with me to Niall who was infront of me. Frozen. Louis and Zayn followed behind us. When we finally reached Niall the room was silent apart from Little Things playing in the background ever so faintly. Harry and Liam let go of me and moved to the side along with Louis and Zayn. I wrapped my arms around Niall's neck with his around my waist. His eyes fixated on mine. "I love you Beth...and after today my feelings have grown stronger and i never want to lose you", "You won't", i replied. While reaching in to kiss me he moved his hands from my waist upwards lifting me up as he did so. I wrapped my legs around him tight not wanting to let go. His hands clutching my sides where my scars were. He held me tight and looked into my eyes. "Your perfect to me regardless of your scars". A tear ran down my cheek as he put me down. The room went silent. It was soon broke by Louis' intended cough. He looked at the boys then at Niall then back to the boys. "Let's get this party started!",he shouted as they all ran to the pool. They jumped in fully clothed without a care in the world. Niall's eyes darted towards mine. Before i could say anything he picked me up and ran to the pool. He jumped in gripping me tightly. It's fair to say i was holding on for dear life. I screamed before hitting the water. Sinking in Niall's arms. We rised to the surface all laughing ouer heads off. I got out and took my dress of before it go even more ruined than it already was. Niall wolf whistled making me and the boys chuckle. i jumped back in aiming for Niall. He quickly moved letting me hit the water. I rised back up and grabbed him pulling him towards me. We both began to laugh. He grabbed me wrapping my legs around his waist. We stayed there frozen kissing each other like we hadn't seen each other in months. As the night drew to a close we sat by the tv all in our onesies with cups of hot chocolate in our hand watching movies. I lay snuggled up to Niall and Liam. With Harry at my feet sat with Louis and Zayn next to Niall on the arm chair. Midnight had approached and it was safe to say that memories had been made and that there were plenty of them.

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