The Directioner They Fell In Love With

This is a story about a directioner who meets her idols but could it take a turn for the worst?


4. Chapter 4: A New Beginning..

As the night continued we had moved into the living room sat round the fire all cosy and warm with our drinks in our hands laughing about anything and everything. I sat on Niall's knee all snug and warm as i rested my head on his shoulders. He turned his head slowly to face mine. He kissed my head gently trying not to wake me though could still hear the boys laughing and joking. "Guys.. Shh...Beth's asleep", Niall whispered. I awoke still half asleep and barely able to see. "It's fine i'll go to bed and leave you to have some lad time", i said kissing him goodnight. "Night boys", i added hugging each one of them before i went. I walked up the hard wooden stairs and closed my half opened door to make it seem as though i had gone to bed, but instead i sat on the landing as quiet as a mouse making sure the boys didn't hear me wanting to hear their conversation.

" and Beth huh?", Liam questioned Niall with a cheeky grin on his face.

"Yeah haha", he replied smiling.

"You really like her don't you?", Harry added.

"She means everything to me..i mean it's like she understands me for me not just the famous me yanno", he sighed, "She understands the real me and acts normal around me like i am just another normal person and not this huge gorgeous superstar".

"Okay mate don't flatter yourself", Louis added grinning, the others laughed.

"Were just glad to see you happy mate", Liam implied raising his beer in unison with the others, "A toast to love,friendship and most of all family".

"Cheers guys", Niall smiled.

Tears in my eyes i got up slowly and went to bed.

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