The Directioner They Fell In Love With

This is a story about a directioner who meets her idols but could it take a turn for the worst?


3. Chapter 3: A New Life

I was wrong. Nothing had changed. Niall was still in the same mood he was in last night. Nothing I could say or do would change what happened last night. I knew he was angry but what could I do, i mean he was the one who kissed me. He was the one who drove me to the beach in the first place, i didn't exactly make him did I? Anyway besides all the drama that's happened between us, me and the others are pretty close it's like were one big family. I guess were closer seeing as i kind of live with them now. There still in the middle of there Where We Are tour and don't return to their homes till the middle of next year so I will get to spend Christmas and everything with them, including my 19th birthday. I'm really looking forward to it. Plus it's a good thing no-one knows i'm with them as the press would be all over it and then people would get suspicious and also Zayn said that Perrie and Eleanor have promised not to say anything and that they can't wait to meet me.

"Hey Beth, I think you should go see if Niall's ok, as he won't talk to any of us, all he said was something about a beach?", Harry looked at me confused as to why Niall wasn't talking to him and not the other 3. I knew exactly why he wasn't talking and even if he did think about telling the others what would he say? God knows what made them think that he would talk to me and not them. I had to try though. I headed up the stairs to Niall's room. I turned round to see the boys staring at me as if i was some sort of miracle worker.They probably thought that if i just walked in there and spoke to Niall then he would be fine and back to himself again as if nothing had happened, well they were wrong! Niall wouldn't even look at me! So i shut the door, making sure the boys couldn't hear what was going on. He lay there on his bed as if he was asleep. He was as quiet as a mouse. I stood there staring at him, waiting for him to move, but he didn't, he just lay there. I couldn't take it any longer. If he wasn't going to say anything then it meant I had to.

"Look Niall, what is your problem?", i asked, I was really angry at this point.

"You, your my problem!", he shouted, sitting up right on the bed.

"Me!, what have I done!?", i shouted.

" Everything!", he was now stood up, looking directly at me.

"If i hadn't of met you then everything would be fine!".

"What's that supposed to mean!?", I asked literally in tears now.

"I Love You!, OK, the reason i've been up here is because i can't stop thinking about you!", a tear trickled down his cheek,.

I stood there shocked. Frozen. Had my idol who i have had a crush on for years just said he loved me!?

"You wanted the truth well there it is", his eyes were fixated on mine.

I ran into his arms. He held me tight and sighed in relief.

The moment we kissed i felt butterflies in my stomach. This time it was different. It felt real.

After calming down and wiping away each others tears, we ran down stairs, to tell the others the news.

"Have you two calmed down yet?", said Liam grinning at us.

"You could say that", said Niall, looking at me with the same grin he gave me the first night we met.

"See Beth we told you everything would be fine", said Louis smiling.

"Well we best be getting to bed, we have a big day tomorrow". Liam was right we did have a big day tomorrow. The girls were coming over tomorrow to see the boys and knowing Harry he had a big pool party planned and everything. If there's one thing you should know about Harry it's that once he's in the pool you can't get him out. He could stay in there for hours and never get bored.

So night passed and it was the day of the pool party which we were all excited about . Though today was also the day i met Perrie and Eleanor, what if they didn't like me?

Anyway after hours of preparation and planning the party was ready and all we had to do was wait for the guests to arrive. Just as i was about to make myself a drink Niall shouted me. He was checking if i was OK. " Yeah of course why wouldn't i be?, " i replied reassuring him. I mean i was a bit scared obviously but i should think he was to. He was just about to hug me from behind when the doorbell rang and instead he kissed my lightly on cheek. "Everything's going to be fine", he said lightly running his fingers through my hair. "I hope so", i replied taking a deep breath before i followed after him to greet the guests. Niall signalled Liam to introduce me to the girls.

The party was now in full swing and i was shaking like a leaf. The girls seemed nice enough and seemed to have liked me a little but i bet deep down they hated me. They had every reason to.

Niall came over, dirty cups in his hand.

"Niall are you sure they like me?", I asked still shaking.

"Of course they do, look stop worrying in a couple of hours everything will be fine and we can just relax and chill beside the pool, me, you and the boys, like one big family", he was trying to reassure me that everything was going to be fine.

~Hours Passed~

"Well the party was a success guys!", Harry said beaming.

"And now it's time for some beers round the fire.."Zayn added.

"And marshmallow toasting!", Louis interupted laughing.

The boys all grabbed there seats round the fire mine was on Niall's knee..snuggling up to him for warmth.

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