The Directioner They Fell In Love With

This is a story about a directioner who meets her idols but could it take a turn for the worst?


2. Chapter 2: A New Home

It was early morning and i was slowly awakening, but as i did so i turned over to see Niall lay next to me asleep. I was so startled that i screamed causing Niall to jump up and hit his head on the bottom of the bunk above.

"Oww", he bellowed i could see he was in pain.

"Oh my gosh i am so sorry i didn't mean to.."

"Don't worry you didn't, i'm fine". he said with his hand comforting my shoulder.

"Niall your bleeding!", i cried.

He reached up to his forehead, then looked down at his hand.

"I'll be fine", he said trying to reassure me.

"No you won't", i could see the others watching us, "guys tell him!?", i said looking for some help.

"She's right Niall, let her help you", said Harry trying to encourage Niall. with a cheeky grin on his face.

"Fine", he said sighing, i think he had given in seeing as he was still half asleep.

I walked him to the sink to help clean up his cut, i couldn't leave him in pain, i mean what would he think of me then?

I sat him down on the sofa caressing his bloody wound with a cold flannel. "Niall i'm really sorry", i added still feeling guilty.

"Why apologize it was my own stupid fault?", he replied grinning.

"Beth, this is Niall were talking about he does stupid things all the time, don't you Niall?", Louis interrupted with a cheeky grin on his face.

"Louis do you want me to hit you?", Niall replied clenching his fists.

"I'm just saying", Louis said holding both hands up in defense chuckling and grinning to himself walking off to his room.

"Okay you should be fine now", i said removing the cold flannel from his forhead.

"Cheers", Niall sighed.

"What's wrong?", i asked.

"Nothing, I'm just tired that's all."

"Well you should get some rest, you hit your head pretty hard"

"Okay, fine i'll get some rest." He walked over to his bunk and within minutes he was asleep.

Hours passed and as the boys were reading through fan mail Louis saw me looking down and upset so he handed me his phone.

"Here Beth go call them, we know what it's like to miss your family, trust me".

I smiled at him in that appreciative sort of way. "Thanks Louis".

I had just finished the call with my brother when i turned around to see Niall leaning against the door, smiling at me as if he had been watching me the whole time.

"I hate to see you cry", he said trying to make me feel better.

"Your meant to be asleep", i replied giggling.

Our little moment was ruined by the shouting of the boys manager, "Come on boys were here!", he shouted.

Me and Niall separated towards the bus door.

"Where are we?", I asked looking around trying to figure out why we had stopped.

"Were home",Liam said leading me to the door.

"Okay boys see you soon!", their manager bellowed driving off in a hurry.

"Please tell me your joking", i said as shocked as ever. How on earth could this be my new home for the next year, this place was huge, it wasn't a home it was more like a mansion.

"No he isn't joking", Niall added, " Here i'll show you to your room", he said leading me up the hardwood stairs that seemed to rotate into a spiral.

"Here you go", he said, "i''l leave you to unpack then, oh and by the way Zayn said that if you want to join us down by the pool in about half an hour then your more than welcome". he added with an encouraging smile on his face.

"Maybe when my headache goes", i replied hoping he wouldn't realise i was lying.

"Oh right, OK did you umm want a glass of water, you know to help with the headache?", he asked looking concerned.

"Niall", i said acting all sympathetic, " it's just a headache i'll be fine, honest you don't have to worry about me".

He smiled at me, looked deep into my eyes and said " I know i don't but i want to", and that was it he was gone. I could see he cared but why, i mean i was just another fan out of the millions they had supporting them already, what made me so special apart from being a complete cluts?

A while later and i was just drifting of to sleep when my door swung open. It was Niall.

"Niall you made me jump!", i said rubbing my eyes, still half asleep.

"Here put these on", he said chucking me a pair of shorts, one of his t-shirts and a bikini?.

"Why where are we going?" i asked still looking down at the bikini confused.

"It's a surprise", he whispered shutting the door.

Why had he bought me a bikini?, did he think i had a good figure?, how could he i was so out of shape. All these thoughts and more were running through my head. To ease the confusion i decided to get changed. After doing so i looked in the mirror. I could see the scars on my side from the car crash 2 years ago. It was the evening my mum and dad died. I began to remember mum lying there all bruised and unable to move. I grabbed her hand. "Don't leave me mum, you can't, please mum, i love you!". That second she was gone. I didn't have my mum anymore or my dad who died later that night. A tear ran down my face. "Pull your self together!", i said to myself as i walked downstairs to meet Niall.

"You all ready?", he asked.

"Yep", i replied walking with him to his car.

The car was filled with awkward silence. "Do you like music?", he asked hoping to get a conversation out of me.

" Yeah, sure whatever", i said turning to the window.

"What's wrong?"

"I'm just tired that's all".

I lied of course i wasn't tired i was scared as to where he was taking me.

~Minutes passed~

"Were here", he said turning off the engine.

After getting out the car he walked me about a few meters from where we'd parked. In front of me was the most gorgeous, picturesque beach i had ever seen in my whole life! He jumped down to the sand, he then turned round, is hand reaching up for mine. He obviously wanted me to jump so i did, and guess what he caught me in his arms!, it was dead romantic even though i knew it wasn't meant to be. He put me down so gentle as if i was a feather.

" I bet i could beat you to the water!", i said giving him a cheeky smile.

"Wanna bet", he paused, "GO!", he shouted.

I wasn't fast enough.

"That's cheating!", i said laughing at him, struggling to breath.

"Is it really?", he said picking me up still smiling.

He spun me around in his arms over the water as if he was going to chuck me in. I squealed.

"Beth?", he said waiting for me to look up.

"Yeah", i said still laughing.

We were now face to face so close that are noses were touching.

"Your special, you know, any boy would be lucky to have you", he was now looking deep into my eyes smiling as he did so.

"Niall don't, you barely know me", i said sighing.

We were both silenced. Looking into each others eyes smiling. "Then give me the chance to". It went silent again. He kissed me.

"I'm sorry i shouldn't have", he was very apologetic now. He put me down and stormed back to the car. I had to follow him otherwise i wouldn't get home.

After about a half hour of awkward silence we arrived back home. Niall ran upstairs to his room and slammed the door shut in anger, i'm surprised he didn't wake the boys. I wasn't going to follow him or see if he was alright, to be honest it was best to leave him. I grabbed a spare blanket from the cupboard under the stairs and slept on the sofa. Hopefully things would go back to normal in the morning.

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