The Directioner They Fell In Love With

This is a story about a directioner who meets her idols but could it take a turn for the worst?


1. Chapter 1: The Meeting

Hi, I'm Bethany and this is the story of the day i met One Direction and my true love.

It was Saturday the 16th of June; my birthday and i'd just finished watching the new One Direction 3D movie in the cinema with my cousin AJ, how I wish i could've starred in it along side the fantastic five which are the famous boyband One Direction. But no I am just your average teenager with one of those fan crushes which i wish was reality, "oh how i long to meet them", I said outloud with a sort of daydream tone to my voice.

Minutes had passed and after getting bored of waiting for my brother to pick me up i decided to walk to the nearest payphone to call a cab, which meant crossing Mason's Bridge and possibly bumping into Mickala, my brothers girlfriend who I hated so much. She always talks down to me as if I am like 5. I hate it just as much as i hate her but i couldn't think about her because if I did i would begin to think about how evil and manipulative she was or could be and to be honest that was the last thing i wanted to think about. Anyway just as i had begun to head for the exit to the cinema car park I heard voices, but not just voices i heard familiar voices, those of which were very familiar indeed. I ran as fast as i possibly could towards these 'voices' until i came across my idols. I stood there speechless infront of 5 darkened figures unable to move. "Can we help you?"

"Umm, yes i replied could you umm sign my jacket please?", i replied struggling to speak properly but gradually moving closer as i did so.

"Sure, what's your name?" Louis asked looking at me with his cheeky grin.

"Umm Bethany", i replied whilst turning to see their tour bus right next me.

" Hey guys what's taking you so long?" Niall asked concerned as to what the boys were up to, but as he came running down the bus stairs towards the door. I froze. Next thing i knew I was just lying there on the stone cold floor, eyes closed, and unable to move.

I finally awoke, to find myself laying down, still dizzy with a comforting hand on my shoulder.

"Are you ok?", came a voice from behind me.

I got up as quick as i possibly could, not hesitating at all.

"Woah! be careful, you hit your head quite badly back there", Liam said comforting me as he did so.

I turned around to see Harry Styles sat there smiling at me he was actually there, close enough to touch! He was looking me directly in the eye concerened as to whether i was still dizzy.

"Are you ok?" , he asked.

"Umm yeah i am fine thanks", I paused.

"can i ask you guys something?" i said hesitating as to whether my question was going to seem rude even though i was literally dying to ask them.

"Sure, anything", Louis said grinning at me again yet it was more comforting this time.

"Where's Niall?" I asked eagerly awaiting a reply.

"In his room, he asked where you were earlier, he was very concerned to be honest, we told him you were resting as we didn't want to wake you." Zayn said caressing my hand.

"But you can speak to him if you want, us four will go into the kitchen and get something to eat you must be starving." said Louis signalling the boys to shift.

" I am actually, thank you ever so much are you sure you don't mind?" I replied still stuttering my words and shaking alot this time, i couldn't believe this was actually happening i was going to meet Niall face to face!

"Niall!?", Liam bellowed, "get out here there's someone who wants to speak to you".

I sat up straight shaking more than ever now. Niall was approaching me quickly, what on earth was i going to say!?

"Don't worry he doesn't exactly say much", Liam chuckled.

"Do you mind if I...."

"No go ahead" i said before he could even finish his sentence.

He sat down opposite me, looking nervous and concerned.

" Look i just wanna say i feel really bad about making you faint i didn't know you were out there, i mean i don't want you to think i did it on purpose." he said his hands beginning to shake.

"Oh no of course not it's no one's fault i mean i was just so shocked to see you, let alone the other boys as well".

"Oh well umm it's a pleasure to meet you to", he said laughing as he did so.

I smiled at him. Looking deep into his eyes.

He looked down at his watch. "God it's getting late and we won't be home for another couple of days, here you can have my bed", he said pointing to it.

He looked around looking for some sort of availible space to sleep for the next couple of days.

"And i'll sleep on the sofa." he said already getting settled down by reaching for a spare blanket from one of the over head cupboards.

"Are you sure this is ok Niall, i mean i feel guilty stealing your bed".

" It's fine trust me it's the least i could do seeing as you hit your head pretty badly earlier".

"Thank You again all of you.", i said looking at Niall then to the boys then back at Niall.

I slowly edged into the bed resting my head lightly on his pillow. The aroma of Armani Mania hit me like a bullet. Before i could close my eyes i felt a warm hand caress my head. I looked up to find Harry looking at me softly.

"Sleep tight", he said before walking back to his bed. I smiled. My heart beating fast. How was i going to sleep now? All i could think about was them more so now than ever before. Thinking about what had just happened whether or not it was real?

Hours had soon passed and it had just gone 2am. I lay still and cosy in bed, but as i did so i began to think about home and how much i missed my brother. A sudden tear began to trickle down my face. How could i be missing home? I was on One Directions tour bus with them for goodness sake!?

" Bethany?", came Niall's voice from the other end of the bus.

I began to cry even more now that Niall was rushing over to comfort me.

"Hey, come here" he said reaching out to hug me.

I hugged him tight, i was going to cherish this moment for as long as i possibly could.

"You'll be ok", he said "You've got me".

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