Close to Perfect

Tori runs into Justin Bieber the jerk that every girl LOVES!!!!!!!! But Tori does not like him intill she falls for him.


3. I um.....Love you to

 Tori POV:

It been 2 week since Justin party and since we umm you know the dirty deed he wont stop calling me my phone started ringing i forgot to check the ID 

Justin: Hello...

Tori: Hi who is this

Justin: Justin...

Tori: I cant talk im sorry im cleaning

Justin: Please can we just talk...

Tori: Umm i reallly can-

He cut me off

Justin: Please

Tori: ok you have 5 mins to get to the park

Justin: Ok Cya there

I hung up the phone i put on a push up bra that made my boobs look like mellons

i had a really tight dress on because i just got it i drove to the park i seen Justin standing there walking around i got out of the car and Justin look at me from head to toe

Justin: Woah

I started to blush

Justin: Umm were u at a party

Tori: No 

Justin: do u have a coat um I have a problem

Justin look down then look at me

i went to the car i dropped my keys then bent over i stood up i felt a hand on my wrist i turned around 

Justin: Im in love with your body i love you and i cant hold it in anymore i cant take it when i see u with other guys your amazing in every way possible i want to make you mine i want to wake up with u in my bed and i want to marry you someday i want to make babies. i laughed at that. or make babies without really making babies....

Tori: Justin i dont know anymore you were mean to me

Justin pulled me close and kissed me i kissed back i was in love with him but i didnt know what happened next

Tori:  Justin i cant do this i cant let you hurt me

Justin: I wont i swear...... i umm........ love you

Tori: Your amazing

I kissed Justin he kissed me back i dont know why i like him so much now butt a month ago i would have hated him he pulled away  

Justin: Wanna go to your place i have not been thee in awhile

Tori: Yah cus i hated you 

Justin laugh so did i 

Justin: but im your sexy guy

Tori: Maybe if u talk me home and to the dirty deed 

Justin look at me like are you kidding

i whispered in his ear

Tori: give me all you got Bieberrr.......

Justin kissed me i smilied at him and he walk backwards till i felt a car i unlocked the door and got in the back seat Justin shut the door he took off his shirt he licked up and down my body i moaned i climbed on top of him  

Justin: i love you

Tori: i love............. y..o..u...r BODY

Justin: Haha i love you boobies

Tori:  i love you baby

Justin: I love you babe

Tori: Now make me moan

Justin: Not intill i can call you my Girlfriend

Tori: Really i mean Does this answer your question  

I unbutton his pants stuck my hand down and pulled out his Dick i licked the top  she moaned

Tori: You like that baby

Justin: Yes

i licked the top sat up and rub it against my clit 

Tori: Oh right i need to pick up eggs an milk 

Justin look at me 

Justin: Nooooooo Please jerry needs you 

Tori: Jerry??

Justin: Yes My dick has a name

Justin flip us over and took off my dress then my bra then my panties Justin push him seft inside me i moaned justin copy me

Justin: You like that baby 

Justin went faster 

Justin: 3.......3.......3.........3......2......2.........1

Justin Stoped and fell on top of me 

Tori: Justin.... are u a virgin or were u a virgin 

Justin: No were u

Tori: umm well yah

Justin look at me shocked got u put on his shirt

Justin: Lets go to my place

Did justin not love me because it was my first time  


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