Close to Perfect

Tori runs into Justin Bieber the jerk that every girl LOVES!!!!!!!! But Tori does not like him intill she falls for him.


2. At The Party *RATED R*

So Justin party in 2 hour i pick out the dress and the heels,purse,jacket and earrings

I cant Believe i'm going to his party it took me like 2 day just to think about going so yah i'm going.

*1 Hour Later*


Tori Pov*

I ran up stairs to get a shower i strip down and hop in the hot steamy shower the water went down my body 10 mins later it was 7:15 so i had time to get makeup on i blow dryed my hair my hair was easy to dry so it took like 10 mins i stared to put my makeup on i did my hair i had hair like this 

I just brush it and made sure it was straight 

About 20 to 30 mins later i was done and ready to go this time it was

7:55 and it was a 5 min drive so yah

*Justin House*

I walk in to the house it was full of Justin friends i look for Justin butt i could not find him i walf to get a beer cus i had nothing eles to do i seen a girl who was drunk out of her mind she was crying and her dress was so tight i thought she would just pop i was drinking my beer when i felt  hand on my ass i turned around and it was Justin i slap his hand and i cold tell he was horny

Tori: Hey are you drunk

Justin: No

i smelled his breath it was fine 

Tori: Ok thats a First

Justin: Wanna dance?

Tori: You dance?

Justin: Hell yah babe

Tori: First of all im not your babe Second Lets Dance Then

Justin look suprise he put his beer down and i took is had and stared dancing Justin look in my eyes i look and his and they were so pretty

Justin: Your eyes are beatiful

Tori: Ummm....Thanks

 before i new it i was about to kiss him i could not take it i crashed my lips in to his the were soft and so pink he lick my bottom lip i let him in he pulled away

Tori: Your room

Justin took me to his room i push him on the bed and kissed him i took off my jacket and my dress came off to i took justin shirt off there are them abs we kept kissing and then i pulled

Tori: Wait.......Condom?

Justin went to his bedside table and pulled one out 


we went under the blankets and he put it on 

Justin: we dont haft to doo this he no that right

 Tori: I want to 

Justin look at me and kissed me he flip us over i was really about to lose my V-Card to justin

he pushed him inside of me i moan i loved it so much i was clawing justin back we reached hour climax and he was breathing hard and he fell ontop of me and we fell asleep


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