Hello Fame

Bria was a girl who thought life was a watse she was scared of everything until one day her best friend Caitlyn pushed her to enter a contest .The contest prize was to go to a one direction concert and meet and great with one other person.. Bria and Caitlyn hope she wins , but will she win.......


1. Do i have to

      Hello my name is Bria and I am sixteen I always thought life was just a waste i was scared of everything but then five boys changed that .......... they gave me a reason to live. 


Bria"s p.o.v


       It was a Monday morning in late July 2nd of 2011 and my best friend was about to come over she wanted to talk about something. I go down stairs to wait for her to come then the door bell rang " Caitlyn?"  " hello Bria"  she said  excitedly " so you wanted to talk ?" I asked nervously

" Yes I wanted to talk about how One Direction is coming to London for their Up All Night Tour and they are  holding a contest to win tickets  for you and one other person and I want you to enter" . Oh no she knows I don't like entering these things they make me nervous , like what if I don't win? I mean I AM NOT GOING TO WIN ANYWAY

" Caitlyn why don't you do it ?"I suggest " I want you to get out of your little shell and try something exiting" she pulls out her phone and hands it to me " Call the radio station and enter the contest" she tells me " but caitl....." " no buts" she says "call them" " fine" I dial the radio station.


me: hi

RS: hello can I help you 

me: I would like enter the contest for the one direction tickets.

RS: awe yes ok so whats your name, phone number, and you postal code

me: my names is Bria Mackenzie ...... my phone number is 734-3415 ..... and my postal code is  r5b 8s2

RS: ok well get back to you if you win ok if you don't hear from us by July 4th you didn't win good bye for now

me: ok bye


   " There I entered but with my luck we wont win I can guarantee you " I remark" stop being so negative we will win" Caitlyn says. " but how do you know that probably so many over girls entered this thing" I pointed out " yea probably Bria but give it a chance" . Caitlyn's phone started ringing " hello ....... yes mom ........ mom I am coming......... in like five minuets I am leaving now" Caitlyn said as she hung up the phone " Do you have to go home now?"  I asked " yea its like 8:30 no wonder mom called " she laughed " Anyway see you at school" she said " bye caitlyn" I screamed at her while she got in her car" 

*next day *


   at 8:00 AM I got a text from Caitlyn saying

" lets go to Starbucks I need coffee NOW" 

 I laugh and I get dresses to go 

         Once I got dressed, I did my hair and put on mascara.  


Caitlyn's p.o.v 


         I honk the horn " Come on Bria! " I scream " Coming" she hollers back . Bria comes out of her house and we head to Starbucks, half way there Bria's phone rings." Hello ....... omg ....... ok ...... ok ..... bye" she hangs up and screams " OMG WE WON THE TICKETS" " OMG" I scream, we get  into Starbucks and order the usual. " I love caffeine" Bria giggled " me too " I said

We hangED out at the park all day talking about how we love One Direction and we cant believe that we won 

" bye Bea" Caitlyn says as she drops me off at home " Bye Caitlyn" 

I get home and pack because we get on the airplane to go to London at 10:00 tomorrow. I should probably call Bria to set an alarm to wake her up in the morning


me: Bria 

Bria: yes Caitlyn

me: set an alarm cuz we need to be at the airport at 10:00 

Bria: really ok will do see you tomorrow 

me: I luff you 

Bria: luff you too


     there now bed time.


Bria"s p.o.v


After that phone call I set an alarm for 8:30 then I pack my suit case of everything I love to wear. Knowing me and Caitlyn we will stay there for awhile and explore.. I pack the rest of suit case of the stuff I will need like hair brush, tooth brush, elastics , shoes etc. once I was done I crashed on my bed and fell asleep.


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