Jesy's Brother

In the years that i lived in america with a family that raised me as their own son i never realized that i was related to Jesy Nelson until my sister Sandra pointed out that i look almost like Jesy but in a guy version though.


10. Chapter 10: The Wedding Reception

This is when Jade<3 and i are at the reception that all four of us payed for to have all the Family's their at the reception. The reception is pretty huge but it has enough room for me to dance Salvadorian Cumbias at our wedding party. Since there is not just one wedding but there Two that are taking place at the Hall. Although i am having fun at my wedding reception also i am teaching Jade how to dance Salvadoreno Cumbias at the hall while Perrie & Zayn Malik dance to what they actually like which is different from my family's culture but Jade and i do dance to Little Mixes new album "Salute" at our reception.

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