Best 1D Fanfics of 2014

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6. Best Zayn Love story


Zayn Malik love story<3 PAUSE

Blurb This is a story about a you and Zayn Malik's life. Love can be really hard sometimes, but remember, never give up if you really want it! Things does only happen if you make them happen. (Y/N) = Your name. *name* pov. = When the story is told from *name*. & = &. Remember subscribe ! :) Then i would be thankful ! #Randomfact ; Im Danish, from Denmark


Not The Same (Zayn Malik love story)

Blurb I;m not that girl you see in the club, or with a big group of people.I'm Katalina Brooklyn Flores. I live with my loving family in a small house..Nerd? yes... i have straight A's. Everything changed when my' friends' sudggested to go a club in Vegas. That's when i met him. Zayn Malik.

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Same Mistakes ~Zayn Malik Love Story~

Blurb Melody Carington has been bestfriends with the famous british boyband One Direction ever since they met one day at Starbucks, but what happens when Melody develops feelings for one of the worlds most hottest boy, Zayn Malik? Will everything still be the same? Will she even tell him? Read On To Find Out



Blurb The story starts out with grace meeting zayn before x factor. Zayn looses his phone and lost all contact with her for 2 years. Now he comes back home with the other 4 lads to be at his oldest sisters wedding. Grace is there but will they reconnect? ATTENTION PLEASE: in this story I spell Zayns name Zain because that's what it was before the x factor... Along the way I'm going to change it to the way it's spelled now (Zayn)


story of my life - sequel to let me love you // z.m

Blurb You and Zayn's life before the X-Factor *Sequel to Let Me Love You, a Zayn Malik love story*


Trust me (a zayn Malik love story)

Blurb Megan Tomlinson is the sister of Louis tomlinson. When Megan goes and visits Louis she's upset but no one realizes it not even Louis. Except zayn she's the only she talks to. So will zayn make Megan happy again or will he fall for her?

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