i Love one direction!!!! I always think that i will meet them one day and become one of their girlfriends. I thought i would meet them somewhere special like Paris or something but not in a causal place such as a bowling alley.


14. Talk with Harry

Zayn's POV

   Harry just sat on the couch wth me and Perrie . I knew something was up between Harry and Lou but i couldn't tell. I just gave lou a shrug and procedded to watch The news. There was nothing esle on so don't judge.... Emma and Lou were talking small talk probally about Harry. Harry hasn't even looked at Emma or Louis ever since he woke up. I feel bad for Louis because Harry is his best mate on the band and when they are fighteing its never good to watch. 

        Lou POV

I was waiting for Harry to finsh his banana So I could just get this over with but its taking him forever....About 15 minutes later, He is Done so i take a breath and say "Harry, can I talk to you outside for a minute?" Getting up and heading to the door.

He soon follows me and sits across from me on a chair with his head down. 


No answer.


No answer.

"Harry.... please talk to me..."

No answer.

"HARRY.." I shouted.

He jumped. 

"Please talk to me i need to know why you are ignoring me hazz"

"Because i am jealous of you and Emma OK."

"Why are you jealous of me? You have all of the girls practially almost dying to be at your side every time you even step outside for a minute. I should be the one who is jealous of you."

"I know that Louis, but I remember the time when I cought you almost having sex with a friend of mine."

"I have to explain this again.... She kissed me when we were watching a movie. I didnt mean to go that far with her, but every time i tried to stop she would wine and complain and I couldnt stand it. And on the other hand, I thought u were at Nial's house." 

 "Yeah, I lied. But that's the not point.  Lets finish this talk later, I bet Nial is dying For food." He gets up and heads to the door. 

"OK. fine but we are continue this later at our flat, but we have to seem like we are OK to the rest of them."

He nods and openes the door. and they happily screems when we enter. 

Sophie POV

When I woke up Harry was gone. I looked at the clock on my phone and it read 10:47. I rarely slept that late. So I got up and went to take a shower to wash my hair. Everyone else was up and i heard a conversation outside but i couldn't tel who was fighting. 

I walk in the living room and Nial speaks up first. "finally your up. How did you sleep?"

"Wonderful actually. Thanks for asking  Nial."

I looked out the door to see Harry and Louis arguing about god know what. Liam Catches me glance. "They are fighting about something that Harry did to Louis last time Lou had a girlfriend. Don't ask me what he did cause I have no clue." I nod in understanding.  
Soon enough those two came in and said they we leaving and getting something to eat if anyone wanted to come they could. everone hops to thier feet and grabs some cloths for the day.



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