i Love one direction!!!! I always think that i will meet them one day and become one of their girlfriends. I thought i would meet them somewhere special like Paris or something but not in a causal place such as a bowling alley.


7. Six flags Part 2

FYI One direction isnt famous in this story. hints no paparazzi...!!!! love ya!!!

Sorry for the long wait. 


Emma POV

I saw harry wave at Louis to go the other way and I liked that. I like Louis. he was a funny guy to be around. It makes me think of my old boyfriend. His name was Josh, He was way over protective jerk who never let me even say 'hi' to a guy in front of him.

I broke up with him about a week ago before I met the boys. I'm glad i did or I will be pretty much dead right now.

On the bright side, I am hanging with Louis Tomlinson at six flags. we just finished the boss. which wakes you up. It messes with your brain and causes you to wobble a little, i was walking with wobbling after and Louis saw me and held my waist and smiled. He looked so cute and tired it was adorable. I wanted to turn around and kiss him in the middle of the park but it was the 'first date'. He is just so lovable. We were hungry so we stopped at the pizza place on the way. I got pepperoni and he got cheese. About half way his phone vibrated and his smile went to a frown. 

"Well.... Harry is waiting for us at the store by the exit when we are finished. i love that guy but i don't want this day to end". He smiled at the last part. 

"Me too" i started to clean up my mess and walked to the trash can. When i came back he was sending Harry a text. I really didn't want this day to end. I love him. 

"Well. i guess we wont be apart for so long 'cause Harry got a text from Ed saying he was having some friends over. He said we could bring a friend if we want. Would you want to go with me and the rest of the band?" I love his sense of humor. 

"On one condition. if Sophie can come too..." waiting for an answer.

"Yeah. harry might bring her but i don`t know. lets go find out shall we?"

We walked hand in hand up to Harry and Sophie. Harry looked jealous of Louis and I but I shook it off. I jumped in to Sophie and hugged her. 

"Have you heard who we are going to meet tonight?" Happily said

"No not yet!" 

"I will tell you in the car. I don't want to get to much attention to the guy" Louis said.

"Ok. well lets go" i said.

in the car. everyone was worn out. it was completely silent. But the radio on in the back ground. The next song was "Ed Sheeran 'A team'". and then louis remembered what he was going to say. 

"So girls. and Hazz. Ed texted me a while ago and said that he was having some friends over. and said that the whole band can come and play some music and bring some friends."

Sophie yelled of happiness. Top 2 idols at the same time in one room!!!!!. 

"Yes! I will go!!"

"Ok. we will drop you off at your place and pick u up in a bout a hour?

"Great" I am so flipping happy!!! and i get a free concert from one direction!! 

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