i Love one direction!!!! I always think that i will meet them one day and become one of their girlfriends. I thought i would meet them somewhere special like Paris or something but not in a causal place such as a bowling alley.


12. Harry

      Harry's POV

Lou and I were talking in the car with Nial about the plan. when Nial said his plan at eds house, I gave Lou a look but he didn't look at me. They have been outside for while. Liam sang the last solo of 'One Thing' and everyone claps as usual. Zayn looked at me with a smile. everyone was looking at the door with cheer. 

In came Louis and Emma Holding hands. Emma was laying her head on his arm. The boys looked at me and smiled, then went to congratulate Lou. Emma Went off to Sophie and tell her the exciting news. I just stood there watching everyone so happy. I remembered why i had been hating on Lou a lot lately  

*****Flash Back*****

2 weeks ago. 

i walk in the kitchen to grab a bite and then Lou stopped me at asked if i could leave the house for the night and go over to Nial`s house. I said i would but I didn't. I waited about 1 and a half hours and went down stairs to see Lou and his girlfriend kissing and almost having sex in the living room. I stood there for a minute thinking what to do and then Lou stopped and saw me. He yelled at me about how I was suppose to be Nial`s house and then his girl friend walked out because Lou lied to him but it was my fault. 

______End Flash Back______

Louis POV

I am happy that Emma is mine. i get to call her mine whenever I wanted. Harry looks upset or mad at me for some reason. I will try to talk to him late.

It was getting late. Everyone was drunk but the girls and I. Emma had a blanked that Ed gave her so i sat on the couch in the living room and she happily sat next to me. Her head is on my shoulder and she was tracing a tattoo on my left arm. 

Liam and Danielle were on the other couch cuddling. Zayn and Pierre were on the floor with pillows and blankets. Nial is in the spare room with harry and Sophie. Pierre and Danielle were asleep within 1 min. 

"Hey Liam, whats up with harry lately? He`s been avoiding me since I walked in the door."

"i have no clue. He has been acting strange in the car when You and Nial were talking."

I`m shocked at what he just said. Why would Harry be jealous of me?

"Oh, I will talk to him tomorrow."


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