i Love one direction!!!! I always think that i will meet them one day and become one of their girlfriends. I thought i would meet them somewhere special like Paris or something but not in a causal place such as a bowling alley.


16. Confused

The POV changes a couple of times just so you know. im tying to make a couple of chapters longer for you guys!!! 

In this chapter I know how 1D gets famous but lets pretend.....OK?

Nial's POV

The more I hangout with sophie the more I like her. I already know that Harry likes her but I like her too. Its a fight for love.

I feel a vibration in my pocket from my phone. I pull it out and it was a text from Louis.

we are done. Meet us in the food court.

Great... I have ran out of time to get to know sophie. I guess its another reason to ask her out on a date. :)

I walk over to sophie looking at a necklace that says 'S'. I might have to get this for her.
"Soph, the boys are done with the movie. Lou said to meet them in the food court. "

"Dang it. I was having so much fun with you though."
Wait what.... she lkes me!

"Me too. I guess that means we can hang out another time.. like just us 2."

Sophie POV

"Me too.. I guess that means we can hangout another time... Just  us two." He quesationed.

I really like niall but I like harry too. 

I dont know what to do... 

Should I go out with Niall to see how much I like him. 

"Yea. I'll go With you."

"Ok. text me when u are free This weekend."

"Yea ok. Lets go back to the boys!!! 

Liam POV

When the movie is over I notice some girls who are deciding whether or not to ask for an autograph of us. So I uist walk up to them instead and thyme freak out. 

"I saw you girls deciding on to get a  picture of us or not so I came over here. We would be happy to give you an autograph." Waving my hands forwards the others.  

"R-R-eally. T-that would be a-awesome. " handing Liam a shirt to sign. "Can Danielle sign it too?" She asked.

"No problem. Whats your name sweetie? "

"Emily" she answers shyly.

"Where is Niall?" She ask Harry as e signs the shirt. 

"Uhh he is actually shopping with Daneille and friends. do you want to come with us to have Niall sign it?"

"That would be soo nice. Niall is my favorite. No offence guys." 

"None taken. Let me text him real quick and then we can go. Ok?" Harry takes out his phone and sends a quick text to Niall and puts it away back into his pocket. 

"Ok. Thanks Harry. If it makes you feel better, you are my second favorite."

"Thanks Emily. I like you already! Niall is at the food court with the girls if you want to go."

"YES!!!! Lets Go!!! Hannah. You can come too if you want." She tells her friend. 

"I'll just be in Holister when you are done." Hannah answerd back. 

"OK. See ya in a little bit." 

We head torwards the food court. Niall is holding hands with Sophie....

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