i Love one direction!!!! I always think that i will meet them one day and become one of their girlfriends. I thought i would meet them somewhere special like Paris or something but not in a causal place such as a bowling alley.


15. Breakfast

Sophie POV      

I'm glad Harry and Lou are getting it together... I hate when best friends fight. It never turns out right.

About 10 minutes of small talk with each other, They came inside. They seemed better but still angry at each other by the look of Harry's face. 

Soon enoough We all pack in the car. Harry, Liam, Danielle, niall get in Eds car, while I, Zayn, Perie, Emma head in Louis'car.,  We are going to the donute shop that Ed knows. 

Each of us pick 2 donuts and Eat them in nothing flat. Donuts are my favorite breakfeast item in the world. I wouldn't know what to do with my self if donuts were gone. "Now that we are full, What are we going to do today?" I question.

"I thnk we should go to the mall and the boys can go see a movie or something while the girls go shopping." Emma Answered. 

"Yea sure why not." Lou said.

We all pack in the same spots as we were before. Ed was going to the movies today with the boys since he didnt have anything better to do.  

We all packed into the cars the same way as before.  

Emma POV

Niall is going with us because he doesnt feel like watching a movie apparently. And Perrie went woth the boys to hang out with zayn since she can't see him alot. 

"One of you text me when the movie is dongle and we will meet ya back here." Niall said looking at the boys. 

"Ok. Lou or Harry will." Liam replied. 
Danielle and I went to a shop to get a shirt to wear to a double date with liam and lou. While sophie and Niall just walked around talking.

Danielle is trying on this navy blue dress that I love. I am looking for a dress but I can't find one that fits. We end of buying the dress fro Danielle. We sit down at a table to eat lunch after a while of shopping. 

"Tell me how lou asked u the girlfriend question...." she asked very excitedly.    "So he took me out side at ed's house and told me how much he adores me and asked me to be his girlfriend and then when i was about to get up to head inside, he pulled me back and kissed me." i smiled at the thought.

"Aw. He is so charming at those things." She happily said to me while taking a bite out of her subway sandwich. 

"Yeah I know. so how is Liam?"

"He is good. but we are still not going out on dates like we used to. Im glad Lou thought of the idea to have a double date with us."

"I know right. I just wish Sophie could join us too. Maybe Harry will ask her out soon!!!" I said happily.  

"We will see. I Think Nial Will have a better chance with her than Harry. Because Harry Does stupid things, which makes girls mad and then they take a break but Harry likes her that's for shore."

Niall's POV

The more time  I spend with sophie the more i like her. Harry already told me his plan to ask her out bu ti like her too. I might have to ask her out today or tomorrow before harry finds out... its a fight between friends and love....What am I going to do??


Authors Note!!!

So my friend Helped me with the plot. She is a huge directioner and credit goes to her. 

Elizabeth Beers thanks for the idea!!!



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